We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

Loehrmann Family Favorite Recipes

Friday, July 23, 2010

328th- whew! Time for a break!

Hello all, This is my 328th post. No carpel tunnel yet. No camera finger yet (it's like Nintendo thumb, but you feel a MUCH larger sense of accomplishment after the pictures than you EVER do after beating the kajillionth level of Mario), but time to take a break! I'm going on vacation for a week with Lukas.

We're visiting Jana & the kids in Othello, WA for a whole week on the farm. Baby animals. Running around outside all day. Being on a farm. Jared is sad he has to stay home to teach a bunch of college kids how to speak German and generally be responsible people. If you're in Davis, invite him to dinner, okay? (He's not from District 12 though, so seriously, I know he'll be okay.)

I'm really excited! (I think?) Lukas + carseat in humongo backback + suitcase + diaperbag. SO awesome. Good thing I've been working out (i.e. dancing to "Tarzan" in the living room, pulling Lukas in the wagon, pulling weeds in the garden) this week! I'm only afraid that I'll be gawking at my naivety later as I get to my destination yelling "LAND!!"

See you when we get back! For you viewing entertainment while I'm gone here's this awesome video of Lukas eating meat like a little barbarian (Anderson children, sing along here!) as we grilled ball-tip steak on Jared's **free** grill.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Strawberry Torte 2.0

I always dreamed of being a cool mom.

As long as cool didn't mean taking a jillion hours for one little smirk from my darling sweetpea. Instead, I opt for this 10 second giggle-maker:

Yep, just little cheesy people.

And then other times I'll spend three days making this little ditty:

This time it actually could sit on a plate without wandering off. I have learned how to actually GELATIZE the gelatin. Thank you to the Gehmliches and Bells for being guinea pigs for my experiment. Let's face it, the first time it tasted good but the texture totally left something to be desired. The 2.0 version was done in time to be worthy of a taste by a cooking/baking She-Ra and her husband at their goodbye party. Thank you Tyler for saying it was the best tasting thing you've ever put in your mouth. It made my whole year.

Now the amazing torte making process will be available to all:
Day 1: Mix buttermilk and milk into huge jar. See previous post on making QUARK. Set on asphalt all day, and wrap in blanket in warmest spot in house all night. (this takes seriously 5 minutes)

Day 2: Put goopy cheese mixture into kitchen towel that's lying over a collander. Leave it for 24 hours.

Day 3: This is the long day. It takes a whole hour. For you it will be less since I was nice enough to actually measure out the grams into cups for you American Kitchen Divas for most of the ingredients. I haven't perfected it yet though, so if you want to be fool proof just measure out the grams.

Here's the recipe ingredients, then I'll walk you through the non-insane way of making this yummy treat. Get out the following items:

For the bottom crust:
1 stick BUTTER (125g), softened/melted
1/2 box NILLA WAFERS(45 cookies- I counted)(125 grams) (I didn't have Lady fingers!)
2 TB grated chocolate

For the filling/middle:
1 LBS. STRAWBERRIES (3 cups)(or 500 grams/ half Kilo) (TIP:when you wash them, let them just sit in cool water then rinse. If you let water run over them, it softens the skin and the berries get soft)
1 box Knox GELATIN (Knox comes in boxes with 4 packets & you will use a whole box)
600 grams/ 24 oz/ about 2.5 cups of PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE(we're talking a tub from Costco!)
2.5 cups (250 grams) QUARK(which you made)
1 cup (125 grams) powdered sugar
2 LIMES- before juicing, grate the outsides into a huge mixing bowl with a grater, then squeeze juice into a bowl
250 ml WHIPPING CREAM (in liquid form in cartons near the milk),
SPRINGFORM PAN lined with baking paper
food processor or blender

For topping: 500 g (1 pound) of strawberries, sliced

First grind up cookies in food processor and mix with melted butter. Press mixture into bottom of springform pan. Put into fridge to cool.

Then grate your lime peels into a huge mixing bowl. Then slide limes in half and press the juice from your limes into a small sauce pan.

Take one pound of your berries (the other lb. is for the topping, remember?) Puree half of that pound and put in mixing bowl. With the other half of that pound, just dice the strawberries into small chunks. If you can get any juice from the strawberries at this point, mix it in with the lime juice in sauce pan.

Bust out the gelatin. Add 1/4 cups water to juices in saucepan. Cut tops off all 4 packets and sprinkle them simultaneously on to the juice in the saucepan. DON'T MIX THEM. Just let it ALONE for 5-10 minutes so that the gelatin can expand. Make sure there's no powder just hanging out on top dry. Add a tablespoon of water over top if need be.

In the mean time, dump the quark, the cream cheese, the pureed strawberry (NOT THE CHUNKS!) powdered sugar, and lime peel gratings into big mixing bowl and mix away!

Now go back to the gelatin and turn on some MED heat. Stir CONSTANTLY to help it all dissolve. Add 2 TB of the whipping cream and stir it in. As soon as it's to a boil take it off the heat and let it sit for 5-10 mins to cool off. It may have a little skin on top but you can mix it back in. It should be liquidy.

Now mix in the gelatin stuff in with the other creamy mixture in the big mixing bowl (the one with the quark, cream cheese, etc). Now add the 1/2 lb. strawberry chunks/cubes.

In food processor or blender, dump in rest of all the whipping cream and mix it till it has stiff peaks. Fold this whipped cream under when adding to creamy mixture in mixing bowl.

Pour thick creamy mixture into springform pan, COVER, and let it cool overnight. (I just used a dinner plate to cover it and that was fine!)

Next day: Consider removing spring form pan momentarily to pre-slice to torte with dental floss before adding strawberries. Gelatin is thick and you may be afraid to remove pan's outer ring because you think it will tear it. You can avoid this tearing by loosening a bit with a plastic knife, or perhaps applying warm washcloths to outside of ring before removing.

Return springform to the torte to add strawberries. Slice remaining pound of strawberries and lay in cool pattern all over the top of the torte, laying berries on their sides.

When it's time to serve, gently remove from springform pan and wow your guests with this amazing dessert!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fresh picked

Another first for our little Sonnenschein- goin' where the sun DON'T shine.

And yes, he picked a winner.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

While you were busy...

Dear Mom,
I was eating like you asked me to. You gave me black beans and bread with strawberry jam on it.

Then I was done.


And then, "NO! I do NOT need a to-go box!"

But you were busy packing away groceries, knowing that I'd cause mayhem as soon as I was outta that highchair! And so to get your attention, I just caused mayhem IN the chair.

I love you mom!

Bilingual Business

So today on the way to Costco I played this Clifford Kids Songs CD that I got at the dollar store. It sings about a dog, and Lukas in the back starts slapping his leg and saying woof woof.

Yes. He understands English.

Yes. He speaks German.

I love it when he babbles and people ask me, "Is he speaking German??" "What's he saying?" And I answer, "buh nah gu ma-- yep, I'm pretty sure that's what he said."

He actually says the following: (translation in parenthesis)
Kaese (cheese)
Brot (Bread)
Wasser (water)
Hund (dog)
Hilfe (help)
Nein (no)
Matsch (mud)
Bibel (Bible)
Buch (book)
Katze (cat)
sponge (at the water party)
Tuer zu! (door close)
Choo Choo (sound for train)
Zug (train)
Schmetterling (butterfly)
Eichee (Eichhoernchen/ Squirrel)
Beten (pray)
streicheln (to pet)
Blume (flower)
Herz (heart)
Regen (rain)
Mond (moon)
hoch (up- as in pick me up!)
Manama (Banana)
heiss (hot-followed by blowing lips- so cute!)
Schatzi (dear- what I call Jared and Lukas)
Balloon!!! Balloon!!
Zelt (tent)
weh (hurt)
mehr (more)
draussen (outside)
Schuhe (shoes)
meeehch (Milch/Milk)
Bein (leg)
Nase (nose)
schaukeln (to swing)
Rutsche (the slide)
Bye bye!!
Tor!! (Goal)
nochmal (again)
Spielplatz (playground)
Ryan, Joel, Jeremy, Flo, Oma, Ampa (Grampa),Eva, Bailey, Bonsa (Bronson), Jakob
Hund (dog)
Balkon (balcony)
An (on)

Oh and at around 15 mos we measured him in the doorway and marked it, and weighed him at a friends house on their fancy pantz weight watchers see through scale.

Lukas weighed 28.7 pounds and is about 32''

Jared writes:
quite the list, huh? Our kid is a genius. Oh, and he actually made the sign, said "Hund" and then made the noise wuff wuff, when the song about the dog was on. I was blown away. One little spelling thing: Rutsche is spelled without umlaut, if you care. just saying. :)

Me: Yes, I already changed it. Yes, I'm we are an ESL home. No, that does not mean I can substitute as the teacher assistant for the highschool kids in Davis who speak Spanish and actually assist them. (Although I did once! LOL)

Man Party

I usually hate it when people post about a jillion parties or social gatherings they've been to with a select few people because I know that someone reading could feel left out because they weren't there but these ideas are just AWESOME and I want to remember and throw a party like this someday for MY little man.

So there aren't that many little boys Lukas' age. In our ward, most of the kids born around Lukas' birthday are girls. There are a couple little guys though who are either just older than Lukas, or just a couple of months younger. Lukas was all ready with an eyeliner mustache to boot!

HAPPY ONE YEAR BRONSON! This was a blast! You might not be able to read the signs well but they say Manly Munch, Burley Kabobs, Stud Muffins, Manwiches. SO cute!

I just thought this picture was funny!

Biking it to the Pool

It has been so hot! We can spike Lukas' hair with all that sweat! To beat the heat, we borrowed a bike-seat and cruised over to the Rec Pool.

The children's pool is like a ginormous bathtub. Perfect for our little bathtub-swimmer!

We found this cool inflatable with a bit of shade. Perfect for our wispy-haired boy!And offers us a bit of a break from throwing him back & forth in the pool!
He couldn't wait to get out though!

Into the pool with Dad!

Crawling, holding himself on just arms as the rest of him floated, Lukas was quite pleased to discover that he floats! At just a foot deep!

Splashing was also a major hit, as was looking over his kingdom- Eure Koenigliche Majestaet!!

Even kings run back to their mommies though!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Latest Finds.

Loehrmann's the name and finding's the game. Check out our latest finds:

Mismatched Tea Set for TEN people!! = $3

Pack-and-play = $7

Children's Books = $1

Time with 6 crazy frugal ladies in two cars at at least 10 yard sales = PRICELESS

Lukas found his belly button with long lasting interest. He can almost say it (Bauchnabel). He truthfully found it quite some time ago, and would point to ours, etc, but now he'll lean over so far trying to see over his little tummy to spy his belly button, then just sticks his finger in there as if to check and make sure it's still there.

Lukas has found the exciting world of the laundry basket. Sometimes it's a boat, sometimes a car, sometimes a train. On this day he also found a little friend and the basket was a row boat and we'd slide it back in forth with these two, singing "Row, Row, Row your boat" to which Lukas answers in song "Row, row..." over and over. Now hopefully his hugs for Bronson won't be too overpowering like Lenny in Mice & Men, but the kid does enjoy hugging a LOT right now! He just slings those arms tightly around mom & dad and nuzzles in!

I found this man-grill FREE on freecycle.org It is AWEsome! We've had some yummy dinners on it outside so, summer: Bring it on! Grilled pineapple anyone?

Friday, July 9, 2010

FIFTH of July

Since it's freedom month, you can celebrate whatever HOLIDAY you want as many TIMES as you want.

Isn't America great?

Here's the aftermath of the fifth. We grilled on Jared's new Weber propane man-grill (pics to come) which I totally scored off of FREECYCLE.org (God bless America)

You'll find remnants of some delicious burgers from scratch, grilled corn on the cob, fruit salad, and lemonade. Jared made homemade French fries too! It was the perfect evening in Davis!


Stars and Stripes forever?

We were invited to a last minute BBQ at Solano after church, and an even last minuter BBQ at OP. We had a great time chasing ducks in Solano (and I chasing Lukas). He felt more free than ever, which is kind of the point of the holiday, right? There was just that one moment where he was bending down to get something and eat it, and when I got there to investigate found a half rotten tomato dripping down his little chin. Yeah people. Never said freedom is always pretty! BLEGH!

Lukas' favorite part of the 4th of July this year: Herding Ducks.

Cake delivery man! I think I would have freaked. Becky made this amAZing cake that took too many hours to count to make. When you cut it, an American Flag pops out!

Isn't that amazing?

You can decide whether the theme here is "Patriotism" or "Where's Waldo"- Either way, it's a keeper.

Camping at Cache Creek, CA

A solar powered campground. Only in California, I swear!

The ward went and camped for the 4th of July! The feat of the first night was swimming all the way across the river that had a super strong current, welcoming you with a nice eddy to swim through on the other side.

We threw Lukas back & forth in the water. He loved it. We let him run through the campsite half naked. He loved it. We shared some MRE with him. Yeah, loved that too.

That night we played two truths and a lie. SURE did learn a LOT about people!
Here's what I said. Guess which one is the lie:
1.I have fallen from a 30 foot cliff
2.I have gone swimming at a nude beach in Germany
3.I've walked across a 1200 year old mosaic in the Palace of Versailles

I'll add Jared's when I remember them! (oops!)
And I'll add water pics from Bonnie and Becky!!