We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip to Los Angeles

Uncle Ben & Aunt Kasiah are some of the COOLEST people you'll ever meet in your whole life. Ben was out in LA for the annual A Time For Heroes carnival which raises money and awareness for AIDS prevention and treatment. This is a huge part of their lives and we are so happy to support The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation too! TUNAWEZA! I haven't seen Kasiah & Ben in about 3 years and it was a real treat to hang out with someone who's known me most of my life and can understand how awesome or bad my life is at most given moments due to a mass amount of context in which to set everything! We go all the way back to 10 years old. This is also the person who could set me straight or say it how it really is without weird awkwardness ensuing over long periods of time. Maybe it helps that we only have huge catch up sessions now and again without all the pointless day-to-day drama. Oh man, we have had some schooner days in the past! Ben was a best friend of a past boy crush when I was 15(shh, Jared, don't wanna hear it-) and they got married a week or two just before we did in the same temple. Oh, man, it was good to catch up!! I stole these first couple of pics off their blog :) Thanks guys! They were SOOOO cute with our sweet little Lukas, and even put up with our crazy gushy oooohing over our own kid. Sorry guys, but not that sorry! LOL He sure loved being around you two! Lukas thoroughly enjoyed the pool and on one day we all took turns throwing him from person to person- Lukas flying through the air and giggling his little head off! Just see the video!! This is Lukas after Roxy bit him in his little cheek- totally giving the dog the stinky face! LOL (p.s. Lukas was just fine, -whew-no harm done- the nip scratch on his face is already gone) I just love this picture of Lukas and Kasiah! Lukas' footprint in the slab: Goin' to the pool with mommy! Lukas has never had that much fun eating in his life! He laughed out loud literally most of the time and was looked at with smiles by ALL around him- definitely a source of crowd entertainment(Well, and Kasiah getting a shower from Jared's glass of water). They gave him this awesome toddler plate with applesauce, turkey, cheese and mandarin oranges- all free! He was in heaven, I tell ya! It was so wonderful to be with these awesome friends again. So we had to celebrate :) Kasiah and Jared gorged themselves on this Neanderthal-sized "piece" of chocolate cake while Ben and I shared strawberry cheesecake. Quick memory Snap: The Lake at which we changed Lukas' diaper on the way home from adopting him in San Diego. He was so tiny! Last leg of the trip home from LA--Dad comforting a tired Lukas with his favorite book:


On June 12th, our awesome Primary planned a pool party!! And when they say pool party, they mean POOLS party. Lukas got to go because I play the piano in primary and because he's just dyin' to get into that bathing suit to get wet! We had a blast, and he just loved playing with all those balls in the pool. Anaise was so sweet to him (her swim suit was the inspiration for Lukas'-it keeps him totally protected from the sun!) and loved giving him hugs and kisses. Lukas seems to be a little water baby!! Even though he'd get a little cold sometimes, he didn't want to get out of the water-- except for lunch. He shared some with his adorable little friend Bailey, and he took a long hard nap that afternoon! This is the David Hasselhof look:

Summer has begun!

A package from cousin Michael with clothes for his cousin's growing toddler self!! Thank you Michael for sharing! Lukas was really excited to open (and take things out of) the box!

Lukas really enjoyed the new book. And yes, we're going to wrap it up for Christmas.

A day in a tent. We had this great idea to help Lukas transition to sleeping in this awesome tent for the ward campout (inside our tent of course) and he would just relish in the giggles by pressing his face against the mesh in the most contorted ways, laughing uncontrollably- deep and loud! LOVE THAT BELLY LAUGH!!!
Um, might have to just bring a pack & play. In the little tent he just wants to play!

Friday, June 11, 2010

24 Hours With the Andersons

This family has been a part of our lives since Jared baptized Torey in Mannheim, Germany back in 2002 while serving a mission there for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We visited this family upon moving to Germany after getting married in Aug 2003 in D.C. and moving two days later to Europe. Then, when we had our wedding reception in Germany, they drove the WHOLE day just to make it up north to see us for one evening!! We still have the pictures of Jared spinning Chloe around.

Jared says:
That was then, and this is now. They adopted four more kids and came to visit us on their way back from Disneyland. It was so great to see them. That night, we had a big BBQ, and even though it was way late, Lukas must have known that they were coming, and cried begging us to let him out of his crib and come outside to see all these 10 special people. Having Lukas around such a big family was quite the spectacle: he loved the attention and didn't seem overwhelmed. In fact, I told Jessica and that we should get Lukas a few more siblings fast since he enjoyed himself so much.

The next day, we took the 15-passenger van down to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge and hang at the beach. It was Lukas' first time facing forward in his car seat- needless to say he was thrilled! The pictures speak for themselves. On our way home, we got stuck in traffic and Torey took the opportunity to teach his children through an object lesson pointing out the homeless people and reminding his bunch to do well in school, stay away from addictive behavior, and to remember who they are. After the lesson was over, it was singing time: With the window rolled down and stuck in downtown traffic, the kids were busting out their best rendition of DOWN BY THE BAY, which seemed not only very appropriate, but which also drew a lot of attention and had Torey resort to making a sign saying "Stop the singing! Need a ride back to Idaho". With sign in hand, he jumped out of the car and posed as a hitchhiker, much to our amusement.

After we finally made it home, we had one more meal and then tried to drag out the goodbyes for as long as possible. Only 24 hours with the Andersons, but man, what 24 hours they have been! We cannot wait to see you guys again!