We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

Loehrmann Family Favorite Recipes

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

300th post! Let's Laugh for JOY

Eat some art! I gave Lukas' peas and PB&J a makeover and he squealed with delight :)
These pictures and video give us something to smile about after a looooong Wednesday.

Vintage Memories

This blog will only make sense to the members of our family who grew up in the hottest kitchen in Texas, where the smells of Spaghetti sauce and chili were most prevolent. Here, the yellow roll up blinds were framed by white curtains with red, yellow and blue flowers on them. The yellow washing machine hummed in the corner by the old wooden backdoor, and the floor was a vinyl tile pattern of cubical shapes and one could hop from the biggest square shapes to the next without having to break mother's back. The pantry door had a huge hanging thing on it stuffed with bills and who-knowswhat. The heater door with the perfectly rounded smoothed vent holes catch my attention in this moment as I remember wondering if a mouse would bound out of it.
And there were the bunny spoons, which caused many a fights and were the ONLY spoons worth wielding when attempting to scoop ice cream. They now run for over $26 on eBay. The infamous bunny mugs, which mom was careful to always buy four of, were of such cheap quality, splitting at the seams on the sides, but worth the argument to get one, nonetheless. Oh, the days of actual prizes in cereal boxes and things of real value to send off the UPC symbols and a couple of dollars for. I recently ran across my dear SPARKY, given to a five year old(?) girl so she could play with the boys. And the feeling of chewing on that brown cup. Remember the suncatchers and Shrinky Dinks we painted and put on cookie sheets to, well, shrink? And what happened to the smurfs anyways? Oh, to sink back into that moment of life and to just watch and grin for awhile.Hmmmmmmmm....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Out for the count. Ahhhhhh! Serenity now!

He just went down. Without a peep! Maybe from only one nap today?!

Tonight is MAN NIGHT at the community center. HOO RAH. Go men. Be manly. Eat lots of fried-fill-your-arteries-now-and-better-save-me-some-for-later with that Fry Daddy! So I'm on for the nightly ritual. It's like a cross between Goodnight Moon and primary devotional.

We clean up toys (It's a miracle! He puts things IN the basket now!! YAYYY! A couple weeks going strong!) Then all of a sudden he's sidetracked.

I see him caressing the Bible on the ottoman. Lukas says "Bee-boo" (In German we say it like bee-bull). My heart melts. Another gold star for this little ANGEL!
We cuddle up on the couch and read the Bible. He mostly wants to peruse. That's cool. I finish a short section.

We're towards the end now. It's probably good that he doesn't understand all the parts about unrighteous people being sent to some underworld prison (Paul has such a way with words) but when I said NOAH he was all excited and says "NO AAAAA"

Then comes the sleepy march:

We begin on the way to his room:
"Goodnight tiger"
He waves.
"Goodnight flowers"
He waves.
"Goodnight heater"
He waves.
"Goodnight mirror"
He waves.
"Goodnight door"
He waves.
"Goodnight fan"
He waves.
He holds some animal or diaper creme tube as he gets the last of a heap of diapers today. We hum "Reverently, Quietly" He rubs the eyes. He's a goner now. It's just a matter of finishing the calculated moves with the preciseness of a Chinese Gymnast and we're are ROCK STARS!

Rub the teeth down, let him brush with that little yellow Elmo toothbrush, drink the flouride, giggle as he declares "mm-MMMMMM-mmm" then pacifier in, prayer (he folds his hands now! AHHHHHH! I am beaming with motherly pride now at how rewarding this week has been!) then we do the kissy thing and rock him and he's DOWN! BOOM. Done.




Once 10 o'clock rolls around though.... LOL

Have fun at man night. I can now do WHATEVER I WANT! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Warum sind Mormonen gluecklicher?

In the Germany Frankfurt Mission, this sign was prevolent at street preaches to get people's attention. On the other side it always said (all in German of course)
"Do you want to be baptized?"

Is this not the funniest posting you have seen on Craigslist??
So....Wanna get baptized? LOL

Baptismal Font, full emersion (Orangevale, CA 95662)

Date: 2010-05-20, 6:29PM PDT
Reply to: sale-vyhnd-1751507549@craigslist.org


Good for a church using full emersion. Fiber glass tank part is 96 inches by 57 inches by 43 inches deep. Stair wells at both ends have 4 steps. Step area is about 36 inchs by 36 inches at both ends.It is located in a pasture.

•Location: Orangevale, CA 95662
•it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Davis Tea Party

Cheddarjack cheese $3.25
Local German bread = $4.25
sippy cup = $2.67
little kid chairs from Justin and Jana's house = FREE (btw, thanks guys!...and when do you want those back???)
Tea Party with Mom = PRICELESS

Lawnmower Man

...no, not even close to the Steven King novel with the eerie sounds of telephones around the world ringing off the hook.

No, just our little Lukas discovering loud machines that make him all squeally and happy inside! He grabbed the fencing and stood on tip toes..

(as if it'd help his little short-self)

...to see the lawn mower guy and leaf-blower guy on Monday morning! Picture this: our whole family is out on the balcony, standing in our pajamas as the mower guy drives by. We're clapping, waving, and woot-woot'in. (He by the way was wearing a thick coat, goggle sunglasses and cool orange ear muff/protectors reminiscent of Justin's and I was for a moment slightly envious-- of the thick jacket. Not the rest!). It was so awesome because it was SO LOUD and SO BIG! At one point the guy even folded up his huge mower-with-wings like a transformer (Yes, I saw the movie, but better yet I OWNED one in the 80s because my brothers were nice enough to give me one for Christmas) I'm sure the transformer felt SO amazing to have an audience. Lukas giggled and looked on for minutes! He even hoisted himself up onto the railing in his exuberance! :) What a happy guy :)
This first picture isn't very sharp, but it totally captures the giggliness of this little boy that morning as he points to the huge lawnmowers riding by!

Thrilled when dad told him he could push his own "lawnmower" and that someday he could mow our lawn, and maybe ride on Grandma and Grandpa's when he goes to visit!

One of these things is not like the other...

...and I don't mean the orange cones or Lukas! Check out the boxes in the cubbies under the TV. Don't they look aMAZing??? They are the SAME boxes, just covered with black DUCT TAPE!! Classy, eh? I spent $3.67 instead of $20 to make that look good! Here's to designing on a dime.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Free Pile Friday!

Lukas slept til 8am. Hallelujah.

Now, three meals later at noon he's asleep. Wouldn't you be tired after riding around all morning looking at laundry room free piles and checking cars for parking permits??!!

The digging did yield one fun little pair of shoes, and a cute couple of shirts for Lukas! Thanks Meredith for the inspired idea to have "Free Pile Friday!"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My greenie is FAmous!

Elaine Bradley says, "Neon Trees are the musical guest on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno this Friday night. Seriously, it's happening."

Remember Sister Doty? She's Elaine Bradley now, plays drums in a rockband, and has a CD available to buy in your local music store. She's going to be on Jay Leno this Friday night!!! WOOT WOOT!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recognize this? It belongs to my toddler!

Yeah, the ol' green containers. For playing cards of course!! How else do you store the "Hand & Foot"/"Shanghai Rummy" cards til the next camping trip???

What ais YOUR family's opinion on Playing cards??

When it hails on May 10th, you stay inside and improvise!

As kids we were master architechts.

We built ships, castles, mostly just "forts" and took turns destroying them or holding a corner so it wouldn't collapse. A tuck here, a weight here. All very "dangerous" to someone out there I am sure. Yes, once and awhile maybe a chair falls over from the increase of tension, or maybe someone decides to use the tent for a hammock or slide, and the floor is soon discovered underneath. But for us, it was amazing.

Lukas's eyes get all big and he crawls quickly from side to side in 5 foot lengths with excitement. Yes, he too finds it amazing.

We moved!!!

Our address stayed the same though! On Monday evening, everything from our bedroom lay strewn in careful stacks ALL over the living room. That night we slept in a new room with beautiful carpet. I will no longer wake up to setting my feet on a cold floor. Yesterday afternoon we spent about two hours moving EVERYTHING from the living room to the kitchen table, the balcony, the breezeway, you name it. It echoed. It was dirty. We cleaned it though, and then we propmtly filled it! Lukas woke up from his nap (Thank goodness for naps!) once the room was empty and there was just carpet down. His face was one of utter surprise, like "What the...." and gaping mouth and eyes just stared. SO funny! Luckily we left just enough space for him at the piled-upon kitchen table so he could eat his peas, pancake and black beans while we finished moving everything back in and unloading the kitchen table!! I wish only that I'd taken a picture of ALL our stuff when it was all piled up outside our apartment! p.s. We love it!! Look at the carpet!!! YAYYYY! Whenever I walk in the house now, I say, "Oooh, carpet!" And I find myself wanting to hurry home to be with family as we, well, enjoy the new carpet and new clean house feel. All the dust bunnies are gone. Shelves have been wiped down, floors vacuumed, things consolidated, much paper junk departed with, shelves rearranged to win more space, and many a man in this house has been made happy! See if you can play Where's Waldo? with Lukas in these pictures!

Lukas LOVES the vacuum cleaner! We call it "Herr Staubsauger" and Lukas giggles as he chases it through the house. He tried to play with it's wheels, hugs it, touches its lights while moving, pulls it's retractable cord out, climbs it, and now pushes it when momentarily unattended. Yesss! New vacuumer in the making!

Relief Society Hip Hop

Monday, May 10, 2010

Why I Blog Every Week:

This site turns it into a book!
Goodbye scrapbooking! (That is as soon as I get caught up to everything up to the end of 2007. LOL) That's also why you'll see no more slide shows. Just tons of photos. It formats the whole book for me to look awesome but can't really "show" videos and slideshows for obvious reasons!



Jeremy, did you bust out pop corn yet? HAHA!

Whole Earth Day in Davis

Two words: Oh my.

Davispalooza? Dreads. Nipple rings. Half clothed. Raggae music, folk music, little cute dancers, freakshow dancers, lots of tye dye, candles galore, lots of wooden carved "things", lots of metal/wire crafted things, entire booths set up dedicated to selling one type of specialty knick-knack. (One 7-D puzzle handcrafted from wood cost $700.- Just petty cash, you know?) Oh, and are you looking for help clothing? How bout soy underwear? Or maybe just some cool birdhouses that look like VW vans, or molded jewelry, or just some organic drinks (some "real" rootbeer anyone?) Lots of booths on some different aspect of saving the world. Some more "out-there" than others. I'm sure that all that capitalism going on was helping the world become cleaner, safer, and more knick-knack-filled. We got money pressed into our hands just for returning our plates, cups and forks to the food booths. Yes, they were REAL plates,cups and forks and yes, it was money we'd actually given them in the first place. I should start charging a deposit for dinner dishes! If I clear and clean it, I keep your dollar! HA! People watching was a highlight, especially our little person. He rode on our backs in the moby, eyeing all the passersby. He danced in a crowd of reggae drummers/dancers in the middle of the street on dad's shoulders.

A groovy rockin' time was had by all.

pics to come later!

Reasons I Love Being Lukas' Mom

Happy Mother's Day

Remember the ice skating rink in Hulen Mall where we ate M&M cookies in the 80s while the boys were still at school?

I do.

Remember the dance class you enrolled me in where I had to have pink dance slippers and black tap shoes and wear a tu-tu (oh the most coveted dancing item) around my...neck?? It was a circus theme with teddy bears and I used your old teddy bear from when you were a kid?

I remember.

Remember when you drove me to school at Spotswood because I already missed the bus and on top of it the dog had gotten dog hair stuck to my purple pants and with me in tears you in your infinite mother wisdom just spit on your hands and began magically removing the fur with your amazing knowledge of physics?

I do.

Remember when you went on my band bus in the 6th grade for my first time at Kings Dominion with Terra Darmour and we all got soaked?

I do.

Remember when you got me piano lessons for that space of time in 4th/5th grade even though money was tight?

I do.

Remember driving us to other kids' houses late at night to help us toilet paper them?

HAHA!! I do!

Remember helping me roller skate in the kitchen on those awesome plastic adjustable skates, and then on those super hip blue ones with the yellow streak on the side and yellow laces?

I do.

Remember letting me put the bumps into the pie crusts with my little pinkies?

I do.

Remember helping us learn to "cook" (i.e. make eggs and toast) and letting us lick the beaters?

MMM. I do.

Remember running through the D.C. airport with Jeremy holding my luggage bag so I wouldn't miss my first airplane flight when I visited Robyn in TX?

Whew! I do!

Remember when I left for college and you and Jeremy drove alllllll my stuff out west and met me there??

I do!

Remember when you and dad dropped me off for my mission? And then how you got to see me in SLC because you were out there nursing Joel back to life?

-sniff- I do!

Remember how I called you after I got back from visiting Jared in Germany and said, "I think I'm going to marry that boy!" And you said, "I thought you'd say that!" and how I made this huge forehead swipe of relief?

haha! I do!

Remember how you recorded the conversation between Dad and Jared when Jared called dad to "ask for his blessing" and you got it all on the answering machine and played it for me later??


Remember how you came to see Lukas for the first time and peeked in at him at the airport and he was so cuddly in Grandma's arms when we got home?

awwww. I do!

Remembering makes us happy inside and feel closer together even when we're a lot of states and time zones apart. Happy Mother's Day mom! I love you!


This is what MOM wrote back!!
Remember that I love you THIIIIIIS MUCH?! I DO!

Remember riding the trolley to the Tandy Center and eating lunch next to the skating rink?
I do! (Yes! The trolly! Oh I loved them with their soft velvet seats!)

Remember going to the duck pond in Trinity Park to feed old bread to the ducks?
I do!

Remember going fishing at the pond at the recreation center and getting hit in the chest with a fish?
I do! (Me too! And it still gives me the willys!)

Remember when the Federal Center had a big fire and I happened to be at Hubbard volunteering for your class when they evacuated the school?
I do!

Remember going Visiting Teaching with me to Sister Lucas’ and you and Joel climbing up her tree in the front yard?
I do!

Remember the bear coming through our campsite at Sequoia National Park?
I do!

Remember the super cold water “bathtub” that everybody jumped into on our hike up the river at Sequoia?
I do! Brrrr!

Remember Cub Scout Day Camp and the miniature horse in the craft building?
I do! (Me too! And hating having to go to the pixie group one day! Oh, and the flattened frogs!)

Remember going out to Lake Worth with Uncle Bill and jumping off the floating dock?
I do! (Me too! And the whole family lying sunburned on the living room floor!)

Remember watching fireworks from the railroad tracks?
I do! (Yes,me too! and drinking other people's IBC Rootbeer!)

Remember playing mud monster in the empty lot?
I do!

Remember the spontaneous water fights with Tank & Celia’s family?
I do!

Remember going to the circus, the stock show, the rodeo and the state fair of Texas?
I do! I remember turning green on the bullet ride!

Remember the trip to Padre Island and the “sand dudes”?
I do!

Remember the baby sea turtles at the turtle rescue sanctuary on Padre Island?
I do!

Remember the rip tide and dad had to pull you out of the water?
I sure do! Scary!

Remember the Cowtown 10K?
I do!! I think I’m still sore from all that training!

Remember taking a birthday cake to Miss Glass shortly before we moved?
I do! She sure loved you guys! (Yes, and I recall a SUPER dorky picture of us kids standing with her in her house before we/she moved. Ahhh, the 80s!)

Remember when I took all you guys to Washington DC and we stayed until dark?
I do! (Yes, - but no. The time when it looked like star wars on the way home from the snow, the time where "someone" accidentally swore after accidentally running a few red lights in a row? HAHAHA)

Thanks for the warm fuzzy memories – I’ll be smiling the rest of the day!
Love you forever!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lukas' First Birthday Party

Lukas got his first party invitation to Cameron's birthday. She lives at the other end of our building. They see each other every couple of days either in the sandbox out front or at a community activity, or most likely these days out in the garden. Cameron is very sweet and her mother gives Lukas snacks and water whenever he cries. :) She's an angel to Lukas :) We just laughed because he'd eaten not too long before and found out very quickly what his little squwaks would get him! Yesterday in the sandbox he would hold onto Cameron's overalls as she was being fed blueberry yogurt. Oh how he wished he too could have some of that dairy goodness out in that hot sun. But his just-filled-with-cereal&carrots&peanutbutter-sandwich tummy was going nowhere near the princess's yogurt! LOL Instead, he scored a loooooong swing at the garden swing that hangs from a tree and goes out reaaaaally far. He squeals with delight for most of the ride and seems to take an interest in those cruising by on their bikes!

These pics are from Cameron's bday party, taken by Bonnie with her iphone. Can you believe that these are from a phone?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pink Shirt

I wore a pink shirt today with a red skirt, but not on purpose! We gave Lukas oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast.
Let's just say that his breakfast wanted to hang out with my shirt an hour later!


I sported it as I bore my testimony today, and again during primary music time.

Another moment to realize "Yes, I have arrived. I am a mom."

Just like the other day when I went to the store by myself to pick up items on a purchase order for UC DAvis. As I pulled out a cart, I automatically began searching amonst the ones behind the easiest to reach since it had no working seatbelt clips- until I remembered, "Oh yeah. He's at home with dad. Nevermind"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Catching time in a snowglobe

You ever look at an old picture of yourself, and think "Man, what a ____ I was then!"

And then the memories come flooding back of all those people in high school, the football games, the way you felt about the world (or didn't) and how some things were SOOO important that seem so pointless and trivial now. Or vice versa?

Now with high school era pictures I can laugh and generally assume that my life turned out pretty great when I think back on a lot of people I went to school with, said generally because I didn't have addictions that made me age a jillion years, I did go to college, got to travel the world a little, and found a great husband, etc. --- all the worldly measuring sticks we mortals use to compare ourselves to others from high school and make ourselves feel good about our lives as having been so "different" than others in meaningful ways. Hope this makes sense.

Anyways, after looking at pictures from college, the feelings are usually just happy that those single days are past and happy from remembering fun "college-days" moments.
Again though, because of where I went during/after college, the sense of nostalgia and wanting to return doesn't keep me up at nights or leave me longing to hang out at the belltower at BYU. I left there with no regrets and lots of fond memories.

The pics that always get me though are from a time in my life that I will truly never get back. It was so special to me, almost tangible are the feelings had on those market streets and highrise doorsteps that I find myself sinking into a type of almost depressing longing when I see the terra-cotta rooftops and cathedral steeples of any German city, or pics of anyone on a Coke crate holding those funny signs, or pics of anyone with a family in their German apartment. All the memories of THAT time in my life come flooding back like a tidal wave hitting the beach and I have to think of that primary song I play for the nursery kids each week- "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" and in those moments I reevaluate where I am, what I'm thinking, what I'm doing, and why I am,think, or do those things. What do I worry about that is so useless? What do I spend my time on that is so useless? What do I think about during the day that becomes so trivial and pointless? I don't mean this in a doomsday sort of way, but in all reality, I look back at those pictures and I feel a real power for good, a longing for right in the world, idealism in its fullest, the pureness of the gospel that doesn't include how I think about what someone else will think of me (because please, what does it matter what I wear to church or where I've visited lately when I was SOO happy then to just stand up on that crate in whatever super awesome white shirt and black skirt I had on that day and preach the gospel!) Funny to think of it in that perspective. I also get this other longing feeling to know what everyone from that time is doing- no necessarily daily, but in general if they are still strong in the church like I considered them to be at that time in their lives. And are they happy like the gospel made us then as we let it burn in our hearts? I wonder how those people that we taught are doing? Did they ever read the book? What happened after I got transferred? Did anyone else go visit that single sister who was so thrilled when we'd stop by? How is my mission country? Are they making progress? All of a sudden I feel the deepest sense of longing for that moment again- but just for that moment: To hear the sound of the announcer on the train tracks, to hear the doors shut before the train heads out of the station, to see those huge fields while biking across miles of terrain, to look out over entire cities from castle towers and ancient look-outs. To run home in the rain just one more time, to see people I'd served with before at a zone conference and share stories. So vivid are all of these memories, but each is also interlaced with companions, members of our branch or ward, and friends made on the way. I see their faces and remember them only from that time. To see them now is almost odd, like redrawing a picture of them I already have painted in my head - but also sweet at the same time.

Since coming home from my mission, especially after getting married, I have had so many dreams about being back on a mission again. Each time I dream, I'm with some old companion- usually some of the last 3 newbies, and have this nagging feeling the whole time that I've already done this before and finished, and I shouldn't really be there, or that I'm making this huge sacrifice all over again to go on another mission, or that I really would just rather be home with Jared, and Where's Jared? All these thoughts keep appearing in dreams and then I don't have them for awhile.

Interesting it is to me how 18 months of my life (equivelent to how long I've lived in Davis, CA now) has truly changed not just the rest of my life, but has changed ME. I can picture so many sweet and tender moments with so many people who needed the Lord so desparately in their lives. Some were searching for something, some just lonely, some so pressured by the whims of the world around them. And there we were- just two kids, really, with this goodness that we can sometimes take for granted- especially in moments where the church- not the gospel- but the church can feel "Hard", or difficult to "do" , much like a "task" or a disorganized closet that needs arranging...constant arranging. And with a small moment like tonight, I realize that the messy closet of the church doesn't matter because the Gospel itself is the Ultimate gift of goodness that makes us keep going another day, keeps us calling that other person to fulfill a calling, keeps us going back to our knees to try to do better, to do more, and to do it for him. It's these small moments that put my entire life into perspective inside of a few pictures, a few minutes, and realize that there are often around us so many silly arguments, pointless squabbles over trivial matters, and that so many matters are just that- trivial. My time and energy is best spent elsewhere instead of seeking justification or acceptance from things, organizations or people. All of a sudden I feel like that kid up there on the crate again who didn't care what others considered to be dumb, out of style, silly, idealistic, too-good, and we just went and did. And the spirit was with us and we could feel it and help others feel it. That's my point to go back to when I need a reminder of what it feels like to live so that the spirit can just be with you.

Then I hit the epiphany- again- I can live that way now if I would just care more about what God thinks and less -- oh so much less-- about what people think. If I just work on the first part of that, the latter will fall into place as it should. I may stand among many and I may stand alone, but it doesn't matter- it shouldn't matter-& it can't matter- as long as I'm standing with God.

This time to think tonight has been really productive.

Gressman and Petersen, if you read this, know that I thought of you both tonight and wished you were here.