We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

No shoes, no shirt, no problem


For the last month, a couple of times a week, Jared and I have been going to church- a lot. You might think it's because we are super pious, or super sinners, or need extra blessings, or because we're confused as to which day of the week is Sunday. I know time changes are confusing, but c'mon. We're not THAT bad. And I would almost laugh out loud every time I'd say to Lukas as I picked him up, "C'mon Lukas" We're going to the church. Again. And we'd pack some sandwiches and dried fruit, Lukas's disgusting looking dinner of carrots, blackbeans, applesauce and oatmeal and a sippy cup and whirl our way over there.

Once there we'd find some willing soul to keep our kid from falling off the stairs, since he can scale them like a champ these days. As we were on stage once, belting out the changed words to the "Under the Sea" I'd look out to see Lukas staring and clapping, chasing some basketball across the gym floor, or just crawling whereever his little legs would take him.

He'd sit it total wonderment at the amAZing dances that were choreographed by the former hiphop dance team captain at UC Irvine (who just HAPPENS to be in our ward!!) so our dances were by FAR the best in the stake, and because we weren't in them!

Jared and I played Brother and Sister Ricks, who had a jillion kids and were super exhausted with our hair-raising bunch. Jared had a great fall he had to practice over and over again (note to self: don't leave keys in pocket when practicing tripping and falling over a stuffed unicorn!)

The script was full of great one-liners, SO FUNNY, and the producer and director were very good and telling us all where to go =) LOL It was AWESOME! We got to hang out with SUPER cool people who let loose and jumped in with both feet to learn parts and dances. People babysat, ran props and backstage, ALL FOR A 15 minute PRODUCTION for ONE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

There are two parts posted on YouTube for the whole world to see us. Enjoy!

People laughed that night though. Fresh laughing. Ahhhhh.

This was our life in the road show for the past month, and now it is over, but the lines have not died in this house. It's like having just watched Napoleon Dynamite and can't help but quoting it, GOSH!

April Showers

It just keeps raining! Lukas gave up on asking to go to the swings for a day and settled for "driving" his box instead.

Yo Jammin Man! (Yo Pizza man!)

What do you do when there's a killer deal on Strawberries, you love strawberries, you're out of jam or anything like unto it, and your husband actually says, "I really want to make freezer jam!" ???

You jump on that people.... allllll over that! So he cored almost 12 pounds of strawberries (2 boxes from Pedricks) That yielded about 18 cups of strawberry squooshed goodness to turn into jam. Now before you think that I am the domestic goddess of the century with a strawberry-coring slave of a husband, you must know this: It was actually not that bad. We used a food processor, and this magical pectin mix in a soft package (not those boxes that call for 4 cups of sugar to every 2 cups of fruit!)No no, we went to ACE (Ace is the place) and got these NON COOK Freezer Jam packets. Yes, you really mix in MUCH less sugar into the packaged mystery powder, then dump in 4 cups of sweet strawberry YUM, stir for three minutes, pour into containers (PuLEEEZE- you can even use ZIPLOCKS!--haha, yes Florian, Zip Locks come to the rescue in this household-AGAIN!)
It was a fun family activity, and now we have a little jam storage going on. So if the power goes out in Davis, please bring over some bread, because we will be JAMMIN' at our house like crazy!

p.s. Also makes great sauce over ice cream!

Hey! Don't Tread on Me!

Funny how some old sayings can be completely representations of your life in certain little moments. Like this one. Stepping stool anyone?

In the end, though, all those hard stepper-onners just want love :)

'cuz life can be exhausting,LET ME TELL YOU! I feel like I haven't slept properly in... 10 years, you know???

Sometimes we just have to take a hard look in the mirror...

...and climb out of the funk that's got us sunk!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


After buying tons of seedlings and supplies for the Children's Garden at OP, Lukas an I hurried home, unloaded the greens into the Community Center, and left with dad shortly after to drive to Oakland for an A's game. Yes, Lukas's first PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL GAME! And, to make it even more interesting, they were playing the Yankees. THE Yankees. We saw a few double plays, a triple play, a couple of homeruns, and a couple of great saves. Just a lot of fun in such a carefree atmosphere full of people eating peanuts, old men thanking the 1st basemen under their breath for having just caught that last one, flesh being sunburned from hanging out alllll over, calls of "Fresh Tea", "Soft Ice Lemonade", "Churros", "Pizza", "Ice Cream", "Cotton Candy"...the list goes on and on. From the backfield bleacher section, we saw the baseballs coming at us when someone would hit a homer. SO cool! Lukas clapped and danced a lot! Oh yeah, and wore a lot of sunscreen! (Love those California Baby Sunscreen sticks!!)

We didn't take any pics, so this one has to do. We got back in time for me to go help dig irrigation trenches in the Community Children's Garden, then get home, change, and go to Road Show practice. Whew! And all after a night with literally MAYbe 4 hours of sleep since Lukas had a high fever after getting shots!
AHHHH! Under the arm it was 101.8, which means it was really 102.8, right? Scary, nonetheless. He woke up pretty happy this morning- yay! Our Lukas is back!

Garden pictures are to come later. I have a feeling that this "community" garden may end up being an 4 family shared job. It's all good, I've decided in my best Little Red Hen train of thought (People SERIOUSLY should read that book more often!!!) that if I dig, sow, and weed, then I may retrieve- that's what I (ahem) always saw. Game on! Let's grow!

Look who's talking!

He also makes more and more baby signs! It seems he learns a new one each day just by showing him! He signs eat, more, swings, happy, finished, and just today "help" He tries to sign duck, dirty, dog, and play. He's also done thank you, drink, and says so many cute sounds now too!

When it tastes good he says emphatically "mmmm-MMMMM-mmmm" (With a wide closed smile that is so cute!) He says Papa, sometimes so reverently. He says Mama, sometimes like that one kid on the Little Rascals with the super deep voice, "Ma Ma" It is SO funny! He tries to say "ball" and today "gehen" which means walk. It really sounded like it. "Hi" & "Bye Bye" with an accompanying wave are a huge hit with friends and strangers and makes everyone around him feel special.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

Since last Saturday a week ago at Stake Roadshow practice Lukas drinks cows milk. Since that weekend he drinks from a sippy, eats peanut butter, cheese, and eats everything in sight so happily :) I pureed a ton of squash, sweet potatos, broccoli and carrots and chucked em in the freezer.

Fancypants has nice FOOTwork!

One small step for Lukas, one giant leap for Loehrmann-kind.
Yay! Our little boy is walking!! It's so amazing how he makes such HUGE amounts of progress in small spurts. All of a sudden, like a switch was flipped on, his little legs began going one after another, then back and forth to mom, to dad, back to mom, back to dad, all the while clapping his little hands and smiling-- SOOOOO pleased with himself! Last Sunday a week ago he took his first small step or two forward, and since then he seems to have only wanted to cruise everywhere, scaling the fridge with spiderman stretched-out arms, going from table to chair, to cabinet door. And then after all that practice and confidence building Lukas made over 6 steps at a time today!!! What a joy we all felt in his success, and in the fact that we all experienced it together!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bust out the popcorn

Jeremy joked the other day that when I update the blog, it's like "Bam! Sit down with popcorn and a drink because you're gonna be sitting there for awhile!"

So go get that popcorn Jeremy, and get ready to read, laugh, scoff, etc.

Game on. Blog's updated! haha

p.s. More pics added to destruction post. Must see live online.

Need a pick-me-up? Watch THIS!

You have to actually go to our blog online to see this, so click away and then laugh your little heads off! (PLOP!)

General Conference

Lukas enjoyed General Conference, despite his young squirmy age and lack of TV Watching. He got into it pretty quickly, and seemed to really take to Elder Packer and the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. He would just turn around and giggle whenever their faces would appear. He even napped through parts of it so that we could concentrate on the words being said by our modern-day Moses and the 12 apostles. It was so full of rich counsel, especially on parenting and the worth of invested parents. Perhaps THE most uplifting conference sessions I have ever watched!

Want to see them?? Go to WWW.LDS.ORG and click on General Conference.

Bday present from Germany

Es war so schoen uns reichlich beschenkt zu fuehlen als Jens, Uwe, Sigrid, Evelyn & Daniel alle so wunderschoene Geschenke fuer Lukas Geburtstag! Hier ist Lukas als er das Geschenk von Opa Uwe & Oma Sigrid aufgemacht hat. Das Gesichtsausdrueck ist einfach klasse! Die Regenhose/jacke von Mama ist einfach toll, und Jens- die kleine Jacke ist perfekt! Es ist so kalt hier in der letzten Zeit, und er hat sie sogar fuer sein Geburtstagsparty getragen!
Tausend Dank an ALLE!

Wonderwoman and Wonderboy

Our ladies organization at church did an eight week challenge to earn points as teams. The areas in which we could earn points were based on Nutrition, Exercise, Spiritual GOals, Sharing the Gospel, Service to Others, Social Goals, and "Going Green" (i.e. save the planet goals). There were prizes for the top team and top individual and I won for the overall top score! I made these cool headbands for my team to wear the night of the End Celebration. Lukas wanted, of course, to try it on. Anything with hats these days! (See??)

It's okay, We went to Jared

Who needs a sunny day when we have dad?
Who needs a circus when we have dad?
Who needs candy when we have dad?
Who needs notoriety and fame when we have dad?
Who needs an amusement park when we have dad?
Who needs flowers when we have dad?
Who needs the GPS when we have dad?
Who needs world class chefs when we have dad?
Who needs MacGyver when we have dad?
Who needs Rosetta Stone when we have dad?
Who needs cheerleaders when we have dad?
Who needs a junglegym when we have dad?
Who needs the warmth of a thousand blankets when we have dad?
Who needs a Sandman when we have dad?
Who needs all the treasure of the world when we have dad?

Weapon of Mass Destruction

With spider-man like abilities, he scales the fridge, swings from dishrag to dishrag to grasp the next cupboard handle. At last, he's reached his little hidey hole. It's his. He knows it's his. He empties it without charge. LOVE IT!

need a tissue?

Happy Birthday Lukas! Your very own tissue box. Pull yourself silly!

Easter Party

It poured down rain so we held the hunt in the church building. Lots of great food and decorations were there, and you see that basket next to Lukas? Last year he could fit INTO that basket! This is on his actual birthday. Such a big boy now!

At the end of the line...

I think we're just about done with these blanket pictures. As you can see, a certain little giggle mouse has transformed from a baby into a little wiggleworm toddler! The next picture on the roll was him crawling away. Go figure! haha

Friday, April 9, 2010


Dear Bottle,
We've had a great time together but it's time to part ways. It's not that you haven't been good to me- really you have. But I'm moving on to more variety and solid things in my life, and well, just today I started hanging out with a sippy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

What a Good Friday today!

What an awesome moment we had in the car tonight on the way home- to think that it's Good Friday- the Day to remember when Jesus paid for our sins in Gethsemane and died on the cross - all so that everyone has a chance to overcome sin and death. And then I'm walking through the grocery store to pick up milk and wonder how many people actually believe that or care? I just felt so much in that moment: I DO!!

I thought also of Uncle Hank and Aunt Shari so much yesterday - it being April 1st, the anniversary of Hanks passing last year, the day before Lukas entered the world (we all swear they gave each other a high five-low five on the way in/out because Lukas has a belly laugh that can only have come from an Uncle Hank tutorial! LOL)-
All of his work was done in the temple, and it was a sweet feeling to ponder.

What a wonderful blessing it is to know that God has a plan through which everyone gets a chance to hear of his Word, his gospel, and give us a chance to choose to accept it or not, even if we never got a "chance" while on the earth.

Through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, God has again given men of God power to act in his name- called the priesthood- and through that power, holy ordinances are spoken/performed in Holy temples all over the world (over 150 now) in which work for our ancestors can be performed, allowing them not only the privilege of being able to choose to accept or not, but also such a beautiful gift of being sealed together to their beloved spouse not just "til death do us part" but for time AND all eternity through the power of God. It's still that person's choice, but I can just imagine how happy Uncle Hank and Aunt SHari are to be together now that they have both passed on. What a blessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in my life, and how wonderful it is to know that we get to celebrate Jesus' life this weekend!

He is risen. He lives, and that is the greatest hope for all mankind! He has called a prophet to speak to us today, and we get to hear from him THIS WEEKEND. If you live in Davis, you can TOTally come to my house! Even if you only stay for one speaker, come over and listen to the inspired words they have to say!

Saturday- 9am to 11am and 1pm til 3pm
Sunday- 9am to 11am and 1pm til 3pm.


Lukas enjoyed a birthday party that was truly planned just for him. There were his favorite foods and activities- all super low key, low stress, done in an hour with everyone happy! Now that's a happy birthday! We are so blessed to live in a place where we have access to so many fun things! We borrowed a little bouncy house and a toddler gym for the kids to play in. We brought bubbles (always in Lukas' stroller for whenever someone needs a pick-me-up), balloons for the little ones to hit, look at, pop, take home, whatever they wanted to do with them. There were also swings right there, and since Lukas can make the swings sign now, it's something he can actually request and find great pleasure in us understanding him and granting him such a wish! (And it is SO stinkin' cute too how his little eyes light up when he signs it!!) Jared burned a CD with Lukas' favorite tunes - including Owl City's "Fireflies" which he dances to literally every day, so he got to dance a little too! He got to eat foods he likes, and get all messy without anyone caring :) I was really excited to make him a fruit rainbow and the butterfly snack baggies to send home with the kids. They turned out so cute, and it was so fun to light his little blue birthday candle (Thanks Jared and Dev for pulling that off in all the wind), to sing him Happy Birthday and watch him smear yummy cream cheese all over his face! :) It was such a wonderful feeling to be in that moment- the one where we again for the jillionth time are so elated to not only be parents but to be LUKAS' parents, because he is such a good boy and such a ray of sunshine and happiness in our home. How fun it was to hold him while he ate his birthday cake and sing to him, and blow bubbles for him, and watch him drive a little car for the first time, and to play in the bounce house with Daddy for the first time and love it, and to see him enjoy eating so many different little foods, and in that same moment remember all the first times that he tried each one individually. The wincing eyes at the first bite of strawberries and pineapple from the Birthday Bouquet that my mom sent me. The first time he tasted the sweetness of mandarin oranges, the first time he sucked on a pickle with Grandma and Grandpa when they went with us to lunch while visiting for the sealing ceremony in the LDS temple, and the first time we gave him black beans as snacks when he was trying out solid foods. It was also cute that he held on to his bubble wand and wouldn't let it go (even while eating his birthday cake!- you'll see it in a few pictures) and got to take pictures with his friend Bailey who is always nice to him, gives him toys to play with and used to be his babysitting swapping buddy. He even leaned over and kissed her once. (She's the one with blond hair in piggytails. His little friends Cameron and Mateo from our neighborhood came. They play together sometimes in the sandbox. Mateo waves at Lukas and is such a sweetheart! Bronson also came and enjoyed the yummy strawberries! It was SO much fun to have a party with babies FOR babies, and have such nice weather, and everyone so happy to play together (or near each other as babies do!)