We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

Loehrmann Family Favorite Recipes

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

oh how I love thee, let me count the ways...

This is a quite common sight in my day. That is, when it's time for me to get things done. :) All mothers everywhere are quietly chuckling at that, I'm sure. Luckily, Lukas seems quite happy clicking measuring cups together, or whisks, or spoons, or cereal boxes from the paper recycle bin. Hmmm, (smile.)

LOVED this on Sunday. When the piano is in sight, Lukas can crawl so quickly over to it, hoist himself up the legs of the bench til he's on tip toes tinkling the ivories. LOVE THIS!

Just wanted to catch this moment for memories sake. Such a strong little boy now, all ripped with those baby muscles :) LOL And LOVING the bathtime. His hoisting is happening at the bathtub now as he watches the water fill up. Hey, whatever floats your boat, right? (or your measuring cups, in our case!)

Celebrating YES-DAY every Feb 15th

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I mean, we will now for Lukas, and I mean, I'll still wear red, pink, and whatnot just for the heck of it (old elementary school employee habits die hard) but we don't get really into all that candy, etc. stuff. What we DO get into is babysitting other people's kids on Vday night and then celebrating Feb 15th. Yes people, that is where it is AT! THAT is the day Jared asked me to marry him, and well, THAT day seems much more special to remember. Oh, the flushed cheeks and the little person in my head saying, "Did he really just ask that? Girls wait their whole young youthful lives wondering when and how THAT is going to be asked, etc, and here it was!! OH. MY. GOSH." And then I smiled and said Yes. So, we make it an excuse to go out to a restaurant to eat since we rarely do, and we drove all the way to Sacramento. Yes we brought Lukas, because don't you think you'd have fun with an adorable little flirt at YOUR table??

He sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time, ate spanish rice off my spoon, loved chewing on a lime, and contorted his face severely upon chomping on a lemon. I know, I know. After that, actually, he accidentally dumped a glass of cold water on dad's lap, ironically with a lemon in it. LOL There was a beautiful fountain outside of the place, so we (of course) took pictures :) I used to be a self conscious as a kid of not wanting to look totally dorky in front of strangers. I don't care anymore, and am ALWAYS happy to have pictures from X, Y, and Z to look at later.

Eating Grits 2:15

There's an amazing thing that happens when kids discover something for the first time. THis little school girl giggle that wells up insude of me because I know they are going to have a reaction- whatever that may be- and that they are learning tons of new vocabulary words because they're in a new situation. This was our day at the sandbox.

Just getting warmed up here. OOoooh, it slides right out of the hands...mmm hmmm, ok.

I reach.

You reach back.

I'll just eat my own, how's that:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grateful (in no particular order of importance!!)

...to know you who read this blog

...that the sun has come back out in Davis

...that God has a plan for all His children to return to him

...that that plan is not as complicated as some world religions make it out to be

...that Jesus died for me

...that I live in a warm house

...that an adorable little boy lie sleeping peacefully in his crib in the next room

...that my husband is totally supportive of my ambitions and creative "projects"

...that I have a happy marriage with someone who really is my very best friend

...that I speak German (wouldn't want to miss conversations with Mama?)

...that Lukas will speak German (wouldn't want to miss conversations with Oma?)

...that there is a living prophet on the earth today

...that I can drive a stick shift

...that my friends still remember me (yay VA)

...that my family is awesome

...that I can laugh till I cry and laugh some more

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is my brother's family. He has 4 beautiful kids and a gorgeous wife. He's just been sent on tour of duty, and will be gone for awhile. Smooches to the MErediths. Love you!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Tour

I love this because it reminds me of an old man puckering up for a kiss from his 80 year old sweetheart!

And this is my Lukas. Pure - sweet- innocent Lukas. Sigh.

We began at with the stroller, then the swings, then the bubbles, then the overpass to watch all the cars, then to the field to watch for airplanes, then back to some more bubbles/light saber action. Enjoy!

My Little Valentine :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"MaMa" and "Thadl Thadl"

Jared's at a conference, so I'm posting the second video for him to see what Lukas was like with a little buddy to play with. hiLARious!


Yes, I'm exhausted. But Lukas, tired as he was went right to sleep when we got home, and I got a well deserved SUPER hot bath. YAYYYY for Lunar New Year!!

Lunar New Year

The party of the year, the new year that is!
I've been decorating over the last 3 days with the help of visiting teachers to watch Lukas on Friday morning, April watching him for that last hour before the party (when I was picking up food, lighting sterno and candles, and arranging food), and even coming back to help clean when it was all over! Bonnie bless your soul for making rice!!! My partner in crime Ashley washed all the chaffing dishes and we got the place cleaned up in about an hour with everyone's help!! It was really fun, and looked AND tasted awesome. People commented right away on "all the decorations" even though they'd only just seen the candles outside, and one Chinese lady said, and I quote, "It looks so Chinese!" (YAY!- Mission accomplished!) Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's in my cupboards?

Between the New Year and the Relief Society's Great in Eight Challenge, there have been some changes going on around here.

A lot of it was spawned by an article in the USA weekend insert of the local paper that I got for free one weekend when a solicitor tried to get to to subscribe so that some Davis kid could learn the value of hard work through a paper route.

Ah, a paper route. Memories. I had a job since I was 11 years old. It was a paper route. 62 customers at one point. Luckily my best friend lived on my paper route and I could announce my arrival by pegging her door with one of those finely rolled and rubberbanded wonders. But I digress...

I did not subscribe, but read the article from Dr. OZ, who is apparently quite well known, but the thing that caught my eye was this little section-

Daily Essentials that will keep you healthy:
Whole Grains- 7 servings
Vegetables- 5 servings
Fruits- 4 servings
Low-fat dairy- 2 servings
Tree-nuts, such as almonds- 1 serving
1 serving is the size of a deck of playing cards)

So I'm looking at this and thinking- what actually counts as a whole grain and how much do we actually get? Which then led me to find out we get so little, so I switched to whole grain pastas_spaghetti, penne, etc. and homemade sauces.
I also switched to whole grain cous cous, which tastes awesome, and whole grain gnocchi. (My advice here is to switch to a half & half mix first, because the taste of whole grain pasta is different, but add salt to the water and make a good sauce, and gradually ante up the grain amts, and you are IN!) So that was the goal, simply to add whole grain stuff to our diet.

I can get most of that at a normal grocery store or at the evil Wal-Mart, and whole grain bread-again- but this time it tastes good- I can get at the Co-Op because there it's actually in stock, is German Rye Bread, and is to die for.

Fresh veggies are still cheapest at Pedricks (Whole bag of 10 red bell peppers are never more than around 3 bucks! Read it and weep people! In Utah, you'd pay that much for ONE! so sad.) While at Pedricks I grab a huge bag of raw cashews (cause I always need snacks, and well, I'm replacing my old snacks!)

So then I started in on someone's no-sugar challenge, because sometimes my three-tiered fruit basket is really a three-tiered candy basket. :) Okay, most of the time! Sheesh!

So the week before the said starting date, as to not want to "waste" some good sugar, I downed most of a can of Jelly Bellys, and a few other "lasts" for awhile. This challenge at the time was not for health reasons at all, but rather for the challenge itself. I could be the champion over sugar, (or something like that). It's been over 3 weeks now :) And I'm winning.

In the mean time, I watched that UC Schools documentary video online by a pediatric gastro doctor about "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" and decided to look at all the things in my house to see if I had a lot of that High fruct. stuff. I did. It's in EVERYthing. So now I don't have as much, and we eat better, and feel better, and actually taste more tastes in our food, and the sugar thing?

Maybe we will just see how long I leave it. I haven't missed it for awhile. And I am totally shocked at that. That is after the first week of total withdrawal symptoms. LOL. I'm not kidding! Oh, but I have snacks still, and HAD to in order to drop sugar. There are pretzels, salty chips, fruit smoothies (no juice, just fruit & plain yogurt- still sweet!!), popcorn - like out of the hot air popper!!, puffed Pirates' Booty (haha), and good ol chips & salsa.

So a typical day is this:

Total cereal or eggs in a frame (using whole wheat bread)

Always sandwiches on whole wheat or rye
with creme cheese, mustart, good lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, sometimes avocado, salami or turkey

No we aren't vegatarians, but the phrase eat meat sparingly comes to mind. In closer exampination of our meals I realized we ate meat quite often, and could really do with less. So I looked for some yummy meatless meals and here are some family favorites now.

Pastas with sauce
or sauteed veggies w/ self made creme sauce all over cous cous
or homemade pizza
or taco soup
or hawaiian haystacks (w/o chicken, but just cream of chix and you can hardly tell there's no actual chicken. I'm not against meat, but just saying you can save on meat this way, and well
or curry veggies over anything
or tacos
(But I mean, last night I still made Schnitzel, Knoedel w/ red vggie sauce and smoothies for dinner!)

Juice is a total out now and milk and water are in. WAAAY in.

And I'm saving a ton of money by leaving all the sugar-filled packaged stuff to the rest of the state to buy. I buy only what I need, and just enough so it doesn't go bad (because, well, it CAN actually go bad because it's real food and not super-full-of-weird-stuff-to-make-it-last-forever-food, which is kind of exciting in and of itself.)

I'm going to try black bean burgers because it looks weird and really out of my league vegetarian-wise, and I want to know if I should completely rule it out as good. LOL

And because we'd already been changing things around, we get a load of points for the relief society challenge! YAY!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

THe latest...

Yes, we got Lukas' cute little social security card in the mail on Saturday... addressed to him, so we let him (help) open it.

It will definitely help when it's time to begin the passport process whenever we need that.

On Sunday after church along our long walk, we paused- for quite some time- at the swings. We went back and forth, sideways and back, swinging in opposite directions, Dad and I, and Lukas shrieked with laughter. LOVE that belly laugh!

On Monday at the park with our German-speaking playgroup, after a repeat of swingorama, which again caused little Lukas squeals, Lukas went on the curved down monkeybars and HELD ON with no help! (For all you gasping out there, let it out- nice and slow- my hands were millimeters under his little bum and arms to catch him. He was, of course, very proud of himself and beaming with pride.

Yesterday: Raincoat? Check. Lukas bundled? Check. Rain fly for stroller? Check. OUt we went! To swing on the swings, I just bamboozled him with a huge blanket- around the whole bucket swing, mind you, and there sat swinging this huge happy warm ball of Lukas :)

Then to top off the day, Lukas crawled through one of thos net/vinyl toddler tunnels twice! He just takes off, and woosh, he crawls on through, giggling as he goes.

Also recorded an audio this week on the keyboard of "Lukas' song" I call it Thunder Storm because it has these soft little notes, and then fast "duhn duhn duhn" notes. (Don't worry Amy & Adrian- we don't let him beat on it!)

Today at Music Makers he played the little tamborine like it was goin' outta style, and smiled and giggled with delight.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I heart this...

When we make it to our own house, I want to make this:

Solo Flight

For minutes on end (pleeease, let's not exaggerate with hours, because we'd ALL know I was lying), so for minutes on end this little man can keep himself occupied with this bucket-o-blocks. First comes dumping, then comes shoveling in all directions, then comes crawling after the pieces.

Toys for 10-month-olds

Bucket: $1
Blocks: 5 euro at German Flea Markets
Endless hours of dumping them out, knocking over towers, banging them against the table, clicking them together, and beating on the bottom of the container like a drum: PRICELESS

Sour Cream Container: $1.24
Blocks: Free- already had em
Learning the concept "open" and "closed" while practicing old ones like "shake" and "drumming": PRICELESS
(And who doesn't love the element of surprise! I can put ANY new thing in there and he always gets a kick out of it!)

Basket: $1 at Deseret Industries in Utah (can I just say I miss that DI?)
Toys inside: mostly gifted, so basically free
Watching Lukas pull it over and dump it out after every nap and looking for something particular to play with?
Yesterday he sought after his favorite book (Brown Bear, of course) and opened it (in the right direction too) and began turning the pages. Yes, this teacher mom was thrilled to no end. And to top it off, he grabbed for the second book and pushed it to me to open and show him.

This little whirly thing from Jared's birthday: $1 (dollar store)
The awesome hanging material behind it: Free (just saying)
The value of Lukas looking in the right direction to eat, AND learning the power of air when we blow on it and it bounces and sways:

Bucket heads

Just a bucket you say?

No no! This is a heavy duty helmet.

No no! This is a peek a boo game.

No no! This is a robot from outer space. (Cute lil' robot!)

...and you thought it was just a bucket!

It's officially over.

Crying makes mom go into Lukas' room. Mom going into Lukas' room made Lukas begin giggling uncontrollably. "Look at what I can do now!!"

When Jared and I saw THAT, we just quickly looked at each other and I said, "Uh oh. It's over now."