We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A year later, I've finally gotten a haircut! YAY! Sass is back!

9 months old...

At the doctor's last week we found out Lukas is still in about the 95th percentile for heighth- almost 31 inches long. He's got a 41cm head (85 %ile) and his weight has fallen into totally normal range at 21 pounds. He's in the 55th %ile now.

He's happy as ever, now that he's able to crawl. To keep him stimulated and learning as of late, we spend lots of time on the floor in the living room. (It's been raining for 2 weeks straight!) We spent one afternoon ripping up a magazine. Now Lukas knows the word "to rip". YAY! What a great way to practice those pincer grip skills! And we made a parade now and again, throwing all the little pieces up into the air. It was easy, free, and thrown away when done! Jared just laughed as he finished up work from the couch.

Creepy Crawly Thing

Just last Thursday on the 21st, Lukas became braver on those arms and legs, and got himself across half the rug! As you can see, he is QUITE pleased with himself!

Trash DIgger

While making breakfast on a recent Saturday morning, Lukas was intrigued by the paper recycling box. He must have dug around those papers for 20 minutes.
Who needs toys??!!

Someone found the plug...

Tonight in the bath, Lukas found the plug, and discovered some amazing properties of water as Jared kept filling a cup and then slowly pouring it out. At first the little man only watched, then held out his hand, and finally tried to grasp the stream of water with both paws...unsuccessfully of course, but still so cute!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Throwback...

This was from the Christmas party at church. Jared and I sang Silent Night together and Lukas was supposed to stand in for Baby Jesus. THis little baby Jesus at graduates in the manger though.

This was from the Christmas Party at Orchard Park. My boss took this picture with her fancy schmanzy camera!

Not Just Strong. Army Strong.

One arm in front of the other.

Yes, the boy has finally made the army crawl across the floor. Before this, he's mastered scooting on his stomach, backwards. And spinning his body around in a 360.

He's also waving at me now, and he walks everywhere in the house, holding onto our hands. He has figured out how to get his hands into containers to take things out, and sits proudly at his clip on high-chair, i.e. THE THRONE, with hands clasped onto each arm rest as he eats neatly from his spoon.

Well, neatly except for that last time when he flung the spoon and green peas adorned my hair and eyes.

So hard not to just burst out laughing in those moments.

He eats whole brown rice cakes with both hands- looks like one big cookie as his little eyes peer out from behind it, gumming and chewing off what he can.

He eats peas. Yes, green vegetables! Green Beans too! (yessss!) It took quite a few tries to make the peas a keeper, gotta say.

He now knows that FLUGZEUG means that crop duster that comes over neighboring field and towards the mini airport out that way. And he knows it's the same thing as the little wooden one that flies over the changing table. YES! Connections.

He seems like a little sponge! Learning things so quickly now! He high fives LOUDly now. And does the social laugh. Ah HA! ah HA! So funny to watch.

He seems especially fascinated by mom lately. When he sees me in the morning, he gets all wiggly and jumpy, and just grabs on tight around my neck, grabbing my face and laughing hysterically.

Oh, and so sweet... a few days ago he sat on the livingroom rug playing with one of the train cars, and in that moment it hit me. I've had those trains since my mission- and I said out loud with misty eyes, "Lukas, I've waited a long time for you to play with those trains!"

YAYYYY!! HE's more mobile! (I know I'll eat those words later! haha)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trip down Memory Lane

There are a lot of people who know me now who don't really know "me" and make their own judgements based on what interactions and appearances I have had in the short time span they've known me. Well, this will be funny for all of you who have never seen one or any of these pictures. Enjoy, and please comment! LOL

This is from high school on a marching band road trip. I was in the drumline and played either bass drum or quads, depending on what year this was. I think it was a quads year. Whoa, this brings back memories.

This was my first year home from college with my really "full" cheeks! LOL Many pictures from this year are just not in existence since I refused to have my picture taken once I had this skin condition where I looked like I had the measles. Oh, it was bad. It was my ugly year, and I have often found that I've forgotten about it.
Makes me feel grateful all over again for what I look like now! LOL

HAte this picture because of the look on my face but love the haircut. My second year teaching sixth grade. Yeah, sass was back, and I LOVED this job!!

Father time is a good thing, I've decided. HAHA!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remember Encino Man?

... you remember- they're digging a pool, a caveman emerges while they're at school. They see only his handprints ALL over the house, glass, doors, etc.
Imagine now Lukas fingerpainting.

Yep, you got it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Does God really have a sense of humor?

It happened.


It always starts small.

A head bonk.

Hair pulling, then creative face poking.

"Exploring" a nose.

All out giggling.

Yes, Lukas on the couch during prayer time-
ended in side-splitting laughter tonight.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Popcorn popping

A wash basin.


Lots of little cracks to be fascinated by.

Putting feet behind neck and eating from a brown Tupperware bowl- MY brown Tupperware bowl- with only a tongue as a utensil.

Finding the most buttered pieces.

Licking the butter wrapper.

These are the memories conjured up by eating hot air popped popcorn last night, drizzled in butter.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Note to self...

Keep anything with nerve endings out of the mouth of sharp tooth baby.

Grandpa's response:
what happened? did you learn about the law of physics that has something to do with the number of pounds of pressure per sqare inch exerted by the incisors of a wee one? You have to be faster than Lukas. and smarter than gmpa

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guess what?

Someone's trying to go up, put in, take out, and pull down. Yay! (most of the time).

...um, oh yeah, and he just tried to take off tiger baby's leg. With an attack bite that would rival a charging rhino.

Christmas Time Festivities

It's been awhile since I wrote last. It's a new week, a new month, a new year and a new decade. Where does the time go??

Well Happy New Year everyone!

We had a fantastic time together over the break! On Christmas Eve we had traditional Christmas Eve dinner with German Chicken, Rotkohl and Knoedel. We read from the Book of Luke together and sang Christmas hymns together around the piano. Lukas, sitting on the floor, looked up and sang at the top of his little lungs every time we started a new song. Joy to the World has never sounded that special to me! German tradition dictates that all presents are opened on Christmas Eve. We've mixed the two and open one on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas morning.
Lukas opening his first present wrapped in gift paper ;) He got the hang of it pretty quickly, and I think he enjoyed the fact that he could rip it apart and nobody stopped him!

Lukas really likes this book from Opa Uwe & Oma Sigrid- Robin der Rabe- complete with puppet crow :)

Jared opened this present on Christmas Eve from Sharlynn and thinks it's awesome that we can put a picture from our 49ERS game adventure in it!

Lukas was most fascinated by the little red bird on this birdhouse xylophone from Megan downstairs. What a sweet neighbor! Lukas makes music on there everyday now.

On Christmas morning, we got to see Uncle Steffen and Uncle Flo and Oma & Opa on Skype! Lukas was super excited, and showed off all his new tricks, like saying "Thirdlethirdlethirdle"

Chewy? Is that you?

Teething biscuits are his friend!Lukas has 2 top teeth now and it working on more.
Aunt Amy sent Lukas the most amazing present: a handmade white Sunday shirt :) Yes, he wore it on Sunday- with a tie you'll see- and looked just adorable! Thank you sooo much AMY!!

Lukas wearing mommy's shoes! Jared got me these and I smile every morning when I see them :)

Jared's cursed with a Dec 31st Birthday, but at least now he is one year older and wiser too! Happy Birthday to you!

The cakes I made for Jared's birthday :) 49ERS cake and fish pond/island cake with palm trees.

Grandma and Grandpa snagged this VT jersey for us, and we think of Justin when we see Lukas in it. How appropriate that he's also holding the remote...even though he never gets to watch TV. Still too little for that. He sure likes the buttons though!

This dad really loves this little boy. Lukas grabbed for this tie on Sunday morning, and Jared even cut part of it in the back so it wouldn't stick out. Such a sweet moment, I had to catch it on camera.

A quick picture before heading to church for the first time in 2010 !!!

It has been a real blessing to get to spend so much time together as a family, making brownies, popcorn balls, going to the temple together, getting to play games and see movies with friends, staying up late after putting Lukas to bed to watch Miss Marple and other movies, and having so much time to talk and regroup! We've made some new family goals for the year, and are so excited about them!
My favorite is our challenge to read the whole Bible as a family this year. That's 3.5 pages a day (for the German bible) and I'm confident that we can do it!

We are so grateful for the many blessings Heavenly Father poured out on our family in 2009 and are greatful for the friends, neighbors, and collegues who have been a source of optimism, happiness, and good will. So many of you have We know that God directs our lives, and feel so happy that there really is meaning in all the crazy busyness of this life! Here's to a great year in 2009!