We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

"I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday!"

Lukas' first visit!

Thanks everybody for babysitting - especially Russ who got spit up on his 6'7'' head! Lukas had a ball in there :)

The Greatest Show on Earth!

We were off to the circus! The goal: definitely cotton candy and lotsa fun pictures. We got to park in handicapped parking because Jared's allowed until the 10th (minor perk of ripped up Achilles tendon!) First we got to go around back and see all the big animals outside. The tigers were Jared's favorite, and with it being warm, they were a bit edgy. No, dad, we didn't put our hands in any cages, but we sure saw some tigers pretty close!! Within 3 feet of us outside!! The animal trainers were outside too. Jared asked one of them how he ended up training elephants, and he said he's always wanted to train elephants in the circus. So there you go. Just work with animals a lot, and you too could end up in the circus world! Inside was ultimate chaos with all the stands selling those light up things that just sit around and collect dust once the circus is over, but the kids scream if they don't get em. right? yeah. We bought cotton candy and pretzels, then found out seats... get this-- on the SECOND ROW!! SO COOL!! Before the show started, there were mini shows out on the floor- some magic tricks, all the clowns and acrobats to sign your book (we just made em pose with us). And some elephants and this one girl did a whole acrobat routine on the trapeze bar. Kinda like pole dancing in the air, but impressive nonetheless! She hung by her neck, and by just her toes!! whoa! The show was aMAzing, and when I saw those prettied up ladies on those elephants, I kinda got choked up inside with a fantasy memory of a grandma who- although I've never met- worked in a circus as a snake handler and contortionist, and I could just imagine "That could be like my grandma!!" The ladies behind us gave us their "circus celebrity" passes, which meant we got to watch about 20 mins of the show from on the show floor!! It was so neat! They even blasted some stunt girls from cannons!! Take a look at the pictures and videos and enjoy the circus!! What an AWESOME date we had!! Thank you Becky for watching Lukas ;)

Lukas adventure blanket & piano lessons

We gave him his first piano lesson :)

As you can see, it took a lot of concentration on his part! Poor little thing was so tired when done! Playing with dad later was MUCH easier :) LOL

Happy Sixth Anniversary!

Jared and I have been married 6 years! We're happy to say that we still like each other, and more, that we really are one another's best friend. I'm still glad he picked me, and am so grateful for all the adventures we've shared.

A few months ago, when we saw that Barnum & Bailey's circus was coming to town and saw the dates for it, we thought it would be so fun to go for our anniversary. Traditionally, we've either left town for the night, gone out to a nice place to eat and stayed at a beautiful hotel or bed&breakfast. This year, we didn't want to leave Lukas overnight with anybody (even though he sleeps through the night just fine) but instead decided to buy everything we'd need for a super nice meal together, and we'd make it at home together. So we got all the stuff for paninis, and here's what we made:

We made gnocci and Jared whipped up one of his famous sauces. It was SO delicious, and Lukas was kind enough to sleep through all of it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

up, up, and away! (Trying!)

Trying to mobilize Unit Lukas

It starts with motivation and a great attitude:

Then it takes a lot of umph: Here is Lukas' first try at getting those legs up!

Then scooting around in circles:

Then lots of checkin' to make sure the fan club is still looking:

First Camping Trip! Sugar Pine Reservoir, CA

We took Lukas on his first camping outing at 19 weeks old. It was a long drive up a really skinny snake-like road with 1000 foot drop off and no guard rails. EEK! Lukas was a real trooper the whole way there, and ate as soon as we got there! We made hobo dinners, smores and enjoyed a huge fire and great company! The kids in the wards all had a blast together, and the Moores made a rockin pancake breakfast with sausage in the morning. Lukas stayed snuggly warm in his sleep sack from Oma and the snowsuit we've had him sleeping in for awhile :) Lukas slept through the night and didn't cry - i.e. He had a blast! In the morning when I woke up I sat up and looked right away into Lukas' bassinet by my sleeping bag and his little eyes were opened and he grinned from ear to ear when he saw me. awwww, love those moments.

In the morning, after we all ate Lukas and papa snoozed in the hammock. Later, once packed we went to the reservoir and enjoyed the view and the cool breeze on such a hot day!

Oh, and Lukas is a major fan of his feet now :)

Long awaited post...

Lukas was trying cereal for about the second time from a bowl here. He was successful in grabbing the spoon and held it up with an expression of pure victory!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Not every post about Lukas... but almost

I realized how much as a mom I get so into Lukas that I don't really tell about the other exciting things still going on in life.

You know how we should always try to improve our talents? Well, it's been a real treat to piano sit, and I get to play about 30 mins every day, even when Lukas is taking a nap since it has - get this - ear phones! SO AWESOME!

My sweet mom who is an amazing seamstress gave me a sewing machine for graduation from BYU. I've got a few projects started but hit at least a year or so there of life-is-too-crazy-or-I-can't-focus-on-this-right-now-itis. But NOW---
I'm learning so much about sewing from this Thursday night group at church, which is cool since I just learned last night, for example, how to fix (in the future) quilts to turn out exactly aligned (something that Jared's quilt I made did not exactly convey) and learned that the cutter thing on my machine is waay faster than scissors, and even learned some new English words. And with great conversation to boot, it's a real steal of an evening. I'm totally converted to the sewing bug now!
I'm working on an apron that I can wear around that's cute and can keep me from losing my cell phone during the day (in my pants pockets- if I even have any pockets that day- I always end up dialing someone with my derriere or play rock music on accident- UG!)

I'm learning to cook without recipes. Jared says it's cooking like a German woman (they cook from feeling, so to speak) and now that I've learned a few tricks and discovered a few new spices and ingredients, I'm trying out the smell-it-then-dump-in method. And YUMMY!! (*most of the time). Cous cous and fresh weird vegetables are my new friends. I was afraid- almost petrified of those gourdy summer squashes for example, but now? BAM, chop and dump! Mmmmm.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From then to now!

His caseworker stopped by today! Here's Mellissa the Awesome! Our adoption process is still going. This was our 3rd supervised visit, and after the last visit we can go to court in October and make it all official. I can't wait to take a picture of Lukas in the Judge's chair with a gavel in his hand! LOL

Look at how Lukas looks up to his daddy! He's such a sweet boy.

Here was Lukas just learning to squawk...
And now he's in a jumperoony thing trying to bounce :) Thanks Devrey!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The first tastes and feels of rice cereal. So how'd it go? Well, he didn't cry. Too much. A little taste here followed by a swig of bottle, then again and again. Probably ate 2 spoonfuls in the end. Yay! Our little boy is getting bigger!

At the doctor's office on Thursday he weighed 18 pounds 3 oz and was around 28 3/4 inches (I think) He's very proportional to himself, just not to any other 4 month olds. And once again the doctor says he's perfect, and has the hands of a three year old :) HAHA.

Belly Laugh

There's a hole in my lip, dear Liza dear Liza...

Houston, we have contact! Both hands all by myself!

Oh Where, oh where has my mobile gone?

Giraffe Attack!

Lukas got this new giraffe blanket in the mail, and Lukas just spent his first night swaddled in it!! Thanks Shar!!

Riding High on Life

Lukas had a great day today, and squealed with delight when Jared would pick him up like this! I love how his grip his getting so strong- he won't let go of it for the world! This outfit brings out his blue eyes big time. So cute!

First Restaurant Visit

Whenever Lukas smiles at people, they seem to melt from these ultra sophisticated restaurant goers to these babbling funny faced-making cute people who contort their faces to try to get another reaction from our little laughing machine. Lukas went with us to Bistro 33 downtown. We go there, honestly, for the rootbeer. It's brewed by a beer company and is made with honey in it. SOO yummy.

In a nutshell, these pictures capture Lukas' first restaurant outing. We fed him first, then had paninis (mmmmm). Next to us was a table of young single University students who- by the looks on their faces- thought (Oh.My.Gosh Becky! Look at those people! They're like out there!) Lots of hanging out on dad's lap in his cool baseball uniform. Lukas was quite taken by my soda, and couldn't stop smiling at it! We were so proud of our little man. No crying. Just loud squeals of delight. Can't stop those. Especially at an outdoor cafe :)