We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Growing like a weed!

Last Thursday, Lukas turned 12 weeks old. This Thursday he will be three months old. He went to the pediatrician just to get weighed and looked at. He's 17 pounds 1 oz. No WONDER my back has been screaming at me :) Our little sweetpea it like a lead pea in a pod :) No worries though. He's healthy as ever, is standing up on his own more than ever. He'll just grab our thumbs and pull his whole body up! He's a sweet boy. Still sleeps through the night! Once fed and bathed he can go 10pm-8:30am. That makes mom very happy. LOL This morning after his bottle we read Olivia:

and then walked around a bit outside, visiting Fred's workshop. (Fred is the ultimate landmark of Orchard Park. He's the older gentleman who drives around the cool little electric work-mobiles and fixes everything, occasionally drops off venison jerky, and adores Lukas!)

These pics are from this past week. Justin and Jana sent this army outfit long ago, and it was so exciting to finally put Lukas in it! Isn't he cute! Then, since we get to babysit a piano for the next 14 months, about which I am SOOOOO elated!!!, Lukas plays on the floor next to the piano while listening to me practice. He seems to enjoy The Spinning Song and Moonlight Sonata so far. He smiles a lot at those, and Beetoven even lulled him to sleep once last week :) What a rewarding feeling (I guess that my piano playing didn't make him scream and cry!! LOL )

And now for... the rest of the story!

For Father's Day Lukas helped make breakfast (he suervises well, one could say- very motivating in any case, sitting and looking from the table at the fried bananas and french toast we made for dad!) Lukas is growing into quite a little boy now, with a little help from his dad :) He slobbers more, likes to stick his little arms stright up into the air when he's lying down, and it looks like he's driving a car as he holds out those balled up fists and makes rasberry sounds with his bubbly lips!

I still haven't been able to download that story telling video, (after two days of downloading the 3 minute clip and still no end in sight, I might just have to upload to you-tube!) Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My First Father’s Day…Finally!!!

Disclaimer: If you are only in the mood for the happy part of the story, just skip the following paragraph. I needed to write it, but you don’t have to read it.

For many years this day left a bitter taste in my mouth. As others congratulated each other on their fatherhood, I was on the outside looking in. How I longed to be a father myself, not to be celebrated with gifts or words of appreciation, but for the mere fact that I felt that I had so much to give to a little one. Every Father’s Day was a sore reminder that I, again, was still childless. But such moments were not restricted to just one day once a year: Every time an infant was blessed in church, every new pregnancy announced, the consoling of my lovely wife, and question as to when we would start having children by ignorant, yet well-meaning people, all made me wonder if I had been forgotten by my Maker, my Heavenly Father. He knew how much I wanted to be a Dad; he had heard my tearful supplications and seen my aching heart.

Well all that self-pity and doubt feels like an eternity away since we have been blessed with our wonderful son and light bringer Lukas! God gently reminded me that he is in charge and that he suckers those who diligently wait for him (although my diligence and patience were questionable at times). This Father’s Day, I could not attend church because I was in too much pain from my recent Achilles tendon surgery, yet it was a day I will never forget! When I woke up and hobbled into the bathroom, I found a message scribbled on the mirror. It was signed by Lukas, who expressed his love and appreciation for me. I felt that new kind of love again which has grown in me ever since I have become a parent. After church, a few children came by to drop off a plate of cookies and serenaded me with “I am glad when Daddy comes home”. Tears were working their way to the surface and were just barely suppressed. Thank you again Rachel and Kimberly for thinking of me! All my brothers in law celebrated with me and welcomed me into the club of fathers: Thank you Joel and Jeremy for calling me; it meant a lot that you were mindful of me. Justin, I loved the tie and card and of course, most of all, the subliminal message. :) Even Lukas’ birth mom thought of me and sent me a card and left me a voice message.

It is miraculous how one event in your live can blot out so many others. My Savior’s atonement is one of those, because it erases my shortcomings as I submit to him and do my very best. Another of these events was getting married to Jessica for time and all eternity, not just until death do us part. She brightens my life and provides strength and joy beyond anything I would be capable of by myself. Finally, Lukas’ birth and his birth mom’s strength to follow through and place him with us have erased all the bitterness and sorrow I had felt. Although this Father’s Day was special, it is only one of many reminders that I am a dad now: Every time our baby boy cries, every dirty diaper, each new outfit I dress him in, each smile, every giggle, every gaze tell me that I am his father forever. What then are five and half years? If you are a mom or a dad, I pray that we will always look at these reminders with joy. For those who feel now how I did before Lukas came, I say empathetically “Keep the faith, for that life-changing event will come. The Happy Ending does not come in the first, second or even third chapter. In fact, even when it comes, it is not an ending, but a beginning of an eternal responsibility and blessing”.

First Family Pet

Introducing Struppi...
First, Struppi lived in this little Tupperware container with the rainbow rocks. Life was pretty good, but since the apartment was getting a bit cramped, it was time to move up in life.

So he packed up all his water, and moved into a ziplock bag until the new villa was ready.

At last, home sweet home! He even swims laps round and around the bowl- checking the perimeter as Jared says. Maybe he was marking his territory- says I- seems how the water does sure look cloudier after just a week! LOL. Maybe it's just Davis' water!

Father's Day

coming soon

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lukas up close & personal

Here Lukas tells a story about saving a princess from a tower after fighting lots of people and a fiery dragon with huge claws.

feet sticking out

I forgot to say... look how Lukas' feet are sticking out of the slats of the crib! haha

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gnashing of... teeth??

Lukas has begun to drool immensely, and has been a bit fussy the last couple days. As Jared put his finger in Lukas' mouth and rubbed his gums, lo and behold there's a little bit of sharp bumpage there! HOW EXCITING! Just in time for Sharlynn's birthday! Oh, and as of today, Lukas is 11 weeks old!!

Since he's over 15 pounds now, people will sometimes say how big he is... except for the old man at WalMart yesterday who couldn't get over how tiny he is. Bless that man. To me he's so small! (But yes, my ripping mommy-biceps say otherwise!)
Check him out here!

Omigosh this kid is adorable. Who needs TV?
Especially when you get entertainment like THIS in the morning: SOMEbody had a party in the middle of the night!! I took a picture so I could show Jared, seems how he can't get up let alone walk to Lukas' room to see THIS:

This past weekend Lukas' birthmom came to visit, and we had a wonderful time catching up, and, let's be honest, playing with and holding Lukas. Who wouldn't want to?? Please!! (It was an added blessing to have Sharlynn here while Jared's so handicapped!-well-footicapped!) Lukas pulled out all the stops with his cute faces and loud talking. Way to go kiddo! We were really sad to see Shar go back home. It was an awesome weekend!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Snaps and Shots!!

Jared popped his Achilles tendon last night while sprinting up the field at a soccer game. Just "pop!" and then to the hospital.

"It's probably best that there aren't any pictures to document it" says Jared.
Surgery will most likely take place next week. (bummer!)

On a happier (?) note I took Lukas to the doctor today for his vaccines. He received one orally, and three shots (cocktails of the following vaccines) in his cute little legs. The vaccines he received are:

pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
rotavirus vaccine
diptheria tetanus, & pertussis vaccine (DTaP)
polio vaccine
hepatitis B vaccine
Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine

He's now 15 lbs, 1 oz. (97.94%)
and 25 1/2 inches long. (98.99%)
His head is 41cm (16.14 inches) around!! (73.13%)
He's happy and healthy :) We're so grateful that he's part of our little family!

We love you Lukas!!! Thanks to all of you who voted, and for the three of you who voted 15 lbs, congratulations! Be sure to write it so we know who you were!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2 months old on June 2nd :)

The little sweetpea is growing up so fast! Had to pack newborn clothes away, and while I was happy that he can now fit into the footy pajamies with the puppies on the feet, I'm sad that he's growing out of things!

So the verdict on his weight and height is... you have to wait til Friday guys! Ug. So sorry, but the doctor's systems were all down, etc. so he has to wait. He was probably happy inside if he even knew he was getting shots!!

Here are some recent pictures: Parker came over for dinner and played with Lukas, and you'll see that on his 2 month day, he can hold up his little head PRET-ty well!
Here are such cutie pics!