We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let the Eggcitement begin!

We are soon to be a family of three! We are having a real adventure with adopting, and have felt so blessed by the way in which we felt guided to our birthmom, and in the amazing woman she is. Can't wait to send out pics of the little guy!! He's scheduled to come on Saturday, if not a day or so earlier!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Domes, Worms, Farmers, & Babies

This was a random string of events for which I forsaw no logical connection, but here goes.
I saw these freakishly amazing dwellings on Saturday where people actually live... and got to go INSIDE!! Built by students. Lived in by students. It's pretty much illegal for anyone else TO live there.

Jared made dirt cups for a department "meeting" at a professor's house. Now, let me just mention that his last meetings have been at a pizza place & some other restaurant. People- join the German department! They know what's important!
PhD must mean "probably having dinner" :)

I went to the Farmer's Market, open in the evenings starting tonight, and I tasted the yummiest food ever! From Afghanistan!
Then lastly,... just the word alone causes people to cringe or break into song as I mentioned I just started reading: (Here comes your version of the music) Babywise. It's awesome to just say it and watch people's reactions, I've noticed. I had no idea that putting kids to bed is such a passionate subject, but it's fun to hear what people say :) Conclustion: Hopefully our kids will sleep and eat and play and dirty their little diapers like good little babies! LOL

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happiest Birthday on Earth!

As I woke up today to the smell of pancakes & sausage after getting to sleep longer than normal, I was super surprised to see the most beautiful bouquet of Gerbera daisies on the table. Jared said that was the surprise he'd been hiding in the extra room the whole day before and that he'd met up with a friend to Costco to get them. Just gorgeous colors!

Then we went over to the hospital to visit the Bell's newest family member, and got to hold little baby Azilee, who is soooo soft, and small, and good-smelling and just little in every way! Eli is so cute to her, and tries to comfort her when she cries and gives her kisses!! >so cute< Mom looks great and they'll all doing well :)

Jared drove me to the elem school for yard duty, and I felt so happy when a kid thought I was 21 or 22. Yeah, it does feel good, even though I don't care that I'm 29, and told em in the end that I was 50 something... no actually 29. Sheesh.

When Jared picked me up, he had a cooler and blanket in the backseat, and we were on our way towards Fairfield to the JELLY BELLY FACTORY!!!!!!! For my birthday, I wished to see how something was made (like the Discovery Channel shows!) and we thought this factory would be a hit. On the way, we passed some farms, and Jared pulled off the freeway and backtracked down a frontage road til we pulled off by a pasture of cows - where new baby cows were frolicking around their moms, and were so near the fence by us too!! We looked up at the clouds where Jared "saw" a flying pig and I "saw" a huge parrot. The cows munched on flowers and the little ones ran along the fence as we headed back on our way.

THEN: duhn duhn duhhhhn. We got there. And if you've never been there (and you enjoy factoies, mind you) the Jelly Belly factory is AWESOME! I felt like a little kid, so excited about every belt, contraption, machine and phase of yummy beans that I saw. We got to wear cool hapts and we tasted all different flavors at the sample bar, and I ate my whole bag on the way home...one at a time of course!

Once home we kicked back to see "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves"- yes it's been a good ten years since I saw that one- and knowing it was a really long movie, it wasn't strange at all around 6pm to just say, yeah, we're hungry, let's just go eat dinner and finish the movie when we get home! First, Jared said, we needed to go over and pay back Bonnie for the flowers, and -ohyeah- she's helping with a community activity tonight over in the community center. And in I walk and allll these people are sitting in there yelling "SURPRISE!!!!!!" I was totally shocked! I had NO CLUE and was so full of happy!!!!!! All these little kids from church just came running up and grabbed my legs yelling "surprise, surprise, surprise!!" I just looked at Jared and could only keep smiling in unbelief! I'd never had a surprise party before, and have always thought it would be cool, but really didn't expect it! I totally thought we were just stopping by before heading to dinner! Well, dinner we had! Pizza, cake, & ice cream! We counted later over 30 people there! It was just so great, and I think my cheeks actually hurt a little from smiling so much today. It was truly the best birthday EVER, and I'm so grateful for my sweetpea for orchestrating this all just for me. Pics will be up tomorrow!!!!!
Thanks again everybody for all the wonderful emails & facebook messages. I have felt really loved today.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy March!

On Saturday the 28th, Jess went hiking with the RS (okay, there were 5 sisters there, 7 kids and 2 guys, but technically, it was a RS activity!) It was a gorgeous morning, and the we saw the most beautiful little purple flowers, little cacoons - already empty but still stuck to the trees, and even some salamanders. The older kids were heatedly "discussing" whose turn it was to hold him. Meanwhile the little thing's eyes were bulging out in utter fear of its poor future in the hands of these adventurous kids!! lol. They'd say "It's my salamander" and I said actually its Heavenly Father's salamander and He'll be really sad if that little creature dies from squeezing its poor head off! LOL (The salamander was later freed and scurried away quickly... wouldn't you? haha) We ate lunch at an old homestead, where only rocks remain now, and played in the stream banks with the kids. (Okay, actually, I was kind of watching a couple of em that would wander way off to make sure they didn't drown or get eaten by a mountain lion LOL-but we played too) On the way back I gave some of those same kids piggy back rides, and helped em cross the streams with their little legs that couldn't quite jump from rock to rock. Once home, we hung out with another family in the ward who randomly decided to make a turkey this morning, so we sort of had Thanksgiving today, mashed potatoes and everything!! (Thanks Ian!!) Once REALLY home, Jared and I hung up a few things that we got at IKEA last night, and it's SOO cute! Really, pics coming soon.