We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

San, Diego CA - Back to Jessi's birthplace! :)

La Jolla in San Diego, CA could most certainly be one of the most perfect places in the US (ignorance is bliss here, I'm sure, but go with it for a sec.)

We could taste the salt in the air even before we saw the sand and water!

We kicked off our shoes, rolled up our pant legs and walked the beach for at least an hour, watching the surfers biff it, seagulls swoop around, kids playing in just their underoos in the water, and bathing suited people playing sports all across the sand.

Jared finally made it to the other end of the country!! WOoohooo!

Just check out the beaches!!

We were so excited to have the chance to go there to see some really special friends, and were so blessed to be able to stay with some wonderful and adorable people who were SUCH a joy to be around. I now know that a breakfast is NOT complete without fried bananas. YUM! THANK YOU SALLY AND DAVID!

While there we were most fortunate to meet up with another special friend and tour the Wild Animal Park. Jess & Shar were most excited to see the Giraffe's and although Jared's tigers were snoozing, at least the cheetah was less than 10 feet away out in the open with a trainer as soon as we got there, and the Lions were out in all their glory. Thoughts of Madagascar pretty much invaded my thoughts of about every animal exhibition throughout the day, and we just kept thinking as they looked at us, "Look at all the people. It's showtime!" haha. We even saw the elephants wrap trunks like in Dumbo, (but they also cut loose with full-on pooping and peeing...not like in Dumbo. LOL) We even got to ride a huge motor-pulled train that took us out to the animals' natural habitat areas, and the train stopped as the lady told us all about em, etc, and where to look. All the animals showed up for their moments, and we were just LOVIN seeing it all. It was definitely a great time, and we can't wait to get back to San Diego again.

Once home, my mom told me of how they'd lived there when dad was in the Navy still, and when it was time to move, Dad had out kites on the beach, and was playing with them and the boys when Justin came up to him and said what a perfect Day it was, and "Can't we just stay here forever??" I concur. It's beaUTIful, and apparently we scored some unseasonably warm weather. I'd like to think it was Heavenly Father's way of smiling at us :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great emergency preparedness stuff!

I checked out Joel & Amy's (my brother & his wife) new business website and the first aid kits and 72 hour kits are really reasonably priced! Check em out!


I am definitely going to check out one of those first aid kits, cause we need one for the car as well as the house. You wouldn't believe how our cheapo mini-kit in the car was needed the first week in Davis when I saw a kid hit one of those big round ball-stuck-in-the-cement-bumps and totally flipped his bike. With blood coming from his elbows and elsewhere, I was so glad that we had bandages right there in the car!

Happy Looking! At least click on it to see what it is!

And to my best friend since I was 10 years old... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASIAH !!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Riceroni- the San Francisco Treat-DING DING!

On Friday we had the pleasure of spending the day with our friends and downstairs neighbors from Wymount: Josh & Emily. What a wonderful treat it was to visit with them and hear about life, all the crazy construction in Wymount, etc. haha. (sorry guys!) We drove down to San Francisco, Jared's dream city, grabbed lunch and spent the day walking around seeing the sights. On the way there the weather was down right awful as the pictures will show, but once we got off the train and were in the city, it was absolutely gorgeous! We felt so blessed to be able to spend the day together doing something fun, especially after having been inside so much lately!

And some of the funniest signs of the day:
Isn't the expression "Wha hoo" ??

It sounds so tempting, but...:

To the Bells: we thought of you:

Jared's new favorite restaurant:

And Tabitha, this one's for you:

Happy New Year!

All night movies and fried food. mmmm. We've both been sick lately, so being at home together was perfect for us this year! Happy 2009 everybody!

Happy Birthday Jared!! Dec 31

Man, I had quite the birthday!!! I felt more like a nine-year old than a twenty-nine-year old because I got to invite some of my friends to come out and play soccer at the place I work as a referee. But since no nine-year old works Wednesdays from 7pm to 10 pm I guess I have to face the fact that I am only 365 days shy of the Big Three O. Anyways, I had a cake in shape of a soccer ball and one that looked like a soccer field, and rootbeer floats (thanks to Jess)!!!! The players on the indoor field ranged kids from 9 months all the way to 34 years old (and nope that wasn't me, yet;). The atmosphere was great and everybody had a good time and I believe everybody scored a goal, even Everett, who is only 9 months old, scored; with the help of his daddy of course. I can hardly wait until my next birthday, maybe we'll all dress up and have a pirate party...Argh.

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful Christmas this year: low-key, but a feeling that all is good in the world. We got to see Jeremy & Amy's family. We all went to Burgers & Brews & watched three kids try to take turns sucking from a two-straw-milk-shake. Sean was a pro, as the pictures profess, and Liah had a hay day at making the fountain squirt higher, which I accidentally taught her to do. Sorry Amy. Emily had Jared wrapped around her finger, and since she was riding in our car, she giggled as Jared gave her a ride on his shoulders (on the way to, not in the car) and sang the grinch song along with the radio and asked for it again and again. um,...you can't rewind the radio Em. Sorry kid. So funny was getting back into the car, which was tilted because of the slant of the seat, so after Jared buckles her in and walks around the car Emily profoundly says, "Jared will be tilted too!! I love him." (in this dreamy voice kind of way) I laughed so hard inside.

We were also doorbell ditched with this beaUTiful tree, and it was PERFECT with the new tree skirt I made. Thanks to all the secret elves who helped. It was our first real tree, and it made the season so special :)

We enjoyed all the wonderful Christmastime festivities, including making a gingerbread house, painting ornaments, baking TONS of Christmas cookies, making brownie art jars, and opening presents on Christmas Eve.

We wish all of you the best for the Christmas season! Love, The Loehrmanns