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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Frohe Weihnachten!!

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm telling you why:

LUKAS CLAUS is comin' - to town! (In his red sleigh!)

LukasClaus LOVES his new car seat. Let's just say, it was like going from a folding chair at church to a lazyboy. That's my Christmas present wish this year: an awesome carseat for Lukas!! Little Santa likes it a ton, and giggles to get in! I love his hair here too!

Yesterday I made popcorn balls- again- this time BLUE instead of red & green. Lukas was fascinated by the popcorn popper (or at least with the wooden spoon he got to fling around while watching the popcorn fly out of the machine!

Lukas, are you peeking under the tree?

Caught ya!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Clapping for Joy!

Lukas is almost 9 months old. Went to the doctor last week on Thursday. He's 20.8 pounds and is 29 3/4 inches long. He's finally falling into the 95 percentile on things. Yay!

His newest fun things are:

CLAPPING!! (on demand too!- just say "klatschen!")
waving bye (sometimes)
saying with tongue going in and out "lerd-da-therd-da-ther"
pulling himself up onto us
laughing like crazy,still!
squeals with delight at peek a boo, and leans around things to find me when I "hide"
I am now "wa-wa" (mama)
eats vegetables (yessss!)
enjoys a nice stroll through the park
Gets a thrill out of riding on Papas shoulders and pulling on his hair like reins.
Loves the camera.
Likes taking off his hat.
Still sleeps through the night (although right now he's coughing a lot through the night!)
Can turn/spin the wheels on the tin train under the tree.
Grabs little cereal pieces and feeds himself.
Takes huge joy in lots of everyday things: envelopes he can pull apart or chew on, riding in a shopping cart, going to the post office, watching the vaccuum cleaner,
Lukas likes holding the big red Bible, or Brown Bear, or the wise man from the nativity scene under the tree (and chewing on his head).
He also likes to look at "The Christmas Story" cloth book under the tree and
likes to do the frog kick in the bathtub.
He likes to give kisses (slobbery cheeks afterward) and if you say "Eskimo" he'll wait for you to rub his nose with yours!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

LukasClaus is comin' to town!

Mom sent us a box and all it said on the note was " I couldn't resist!Please just send me some fun pictures! Enjoy your 1st Christmas with Lukas!"

And don't worry mom, there are more to come! We had a Christmas Party for OP residents at the Community Center, and Jared got Lukas dressed once he woke up and took some cute pictures! What a great husband! I was helping with the set-up, so they met me over at the center. You should have heard the crowd when little Lukas Claus got there! All the Asian families wanted pictures with "Little Santa" and we were happy to oblige! My boss also took some family pictures with her super nice camera which will come later. :) Enjoy our little Santa! Thanks mom!

Monday Night Football...A Dream Come True

As some of you know, I have been a die-hard 49ers fan ever since I was introduced to American Football. Of course my younger brother had to choose the Dallas Cowboys and thus every NFC Championship Game in the early 90's turned into family drama. Oh how I had dreamed of one day going to Candlestick Park and experiencing a game of my beloved 49ers live!!!

One thing I absolutely love about my sweet Jess is that she makes dreams come true, beginning from the day she accepted my marriage proposal all the way to Monday Night Football and beyond. And so, on the verge of my 29th Christmas and my 30th birthday, that childhood dream came true as we sat in the 7TH ROW!!! in Candlestick Park cheering on a 49ers squad who was taking care of business, causing 7 turnovers and holding the Super Bowl team Arizona Cardinals to 9 points. Isn't this true love that a Cowboys fan (Jess grew up in Fort Worth, TX) would come with me and even root for the arch nemesis? I had a blast, and Jessica had the promised cotton candy.

I almost forgot to take pictures because I was so enthralled with the spectacle on the field. But since I managed to take a few and even two decent videos, I'll let the pics tell the rest of the story. The only thing left to say is: Thank you Jessica for making my dreams come true!!! You are my dream wife and friend, and I want you to know that I am your biggest fan and will cheer you on much more emphatically than I ever would the Niners.

Ward Christmas Party

You can see in Lukas' motion that he's super excited by all the lights on the tree. His little arms were just a wavin' around!

We dressed him really warm to go outside. I just love his little scarf, and thanks Birds for this awesome hat! He wears it all the time now!

This picture cracks me up because he's surrounded by ladies going ga ga over him. These are our sister missionaries who are AWEsome!

I like these pictures with daddy since Lukas seems so full over wonder at everything going on around him!

There was a little program after dinner, and Jared and I dressed like Mary and Joseph and walked across the stage as the Bishop read from the book of Luke. When we sat down over in the Creche scene and Lukas suddenly appeared in the manger- along with cereal to keep him happy-Jared and I sang "Silent Night". Angels came, and Shepherds, and we had a real happenin' Acting Troupe! Anyways, we had fun, and the extra bed linens came in handy for Joseph and Mary's costumes. Thanks Andrea for asking us to help!

This was Lukas' first encounter with the REAL Santa. Look at him! He is the real deal! It was a lot of fun for the kids and Lukas didn't cry!! Not one trace of
"HO HO HO!! Shoot yer eye out kid!" (Dad, I'm thinking of you right now!)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Tree

After having our first real tree last year we decided to get a real (meaning bigger than 2' tall) tree. It turned out to be a real production to put together, and we had some old fashioned family time putting it together. Even Lukas found it amusing as we listened to Christmas music, put up branches and danced around with him in the living room!

And boy, has it sure gotten cold in Davis. I mean, I know we're spoiled because it's California, so you can imagine our shock at 27 degrees one morning!! AHHH! Mostly 30s and 40s for a couple of days. We froze our kiesters off, and on this day we wanted to break out of the cabin, but the light drizzle turned to light rain, and back in we came!!

St. Nikolaus Tag

Nikolaus visited our house during the night and on Dec 6th we woke up to these surprises in our shoes!

Lukas also had his first rides in a shopping cart this week! hee hee

And just to add for posterity, here's our picture from the 2009 Woodland Creche & Music Festival in Woodland, CA. We got to dress up and sit in the manger for this picture!
Merry Christmas!

Trikkot nite

Thanks Uncle Flo for the awesome soccer jersey for Lukas!