We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

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Jared's Birthday! 2007

Yes, the big 28. We had a crazy weekend with me (Jessica) still recovering from a minor surgery. Jared had to help with the last of his birthday errands! Joel & Amy were staying with us since Sunday afternoon, and then Jared's party was Monday, Dec. 31st at 2pm.

We got to talk to Mama in Germany that morning, and Jared got some great birthday presents, including the cool warm up suit he's wearing in the pictures! We had pizza, rootbeer, and Baskin Robbins Oreo ice cream cake! mmmm. Visitors were David and Michelle Gardner with their little boy Tyrus and baby Sienna, Annie and Anthony Nielson, Amy Meredith with little Michael Pantz, Romolo Aguilar, Luke and little girl Savannah Heiner. I was there too, but took most of the pictures! There were three funny games: the one where you try to open a wrapped up candy bar while wearing oven mits whenever you roll doubles or a 7, the one where you are blindfolded and have to try to hit the pot with a wooden spoon to get the candy underneath, and finally, the M&M sucking game where you have to suck up M&M's with a straw and get them into your own cup before someone else rolls doubles or a 7.

Christmas with Joel & Amy in SLC, UT